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   Chapter 382 (Part One)

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Eric understood. No wonder she was in low spirit after receiving a phone call at the award party tonight. He thought she was upset because she didn't win the prize, but he didn't expect that it was because of the matter of Colin. But he knew it very well. He knew that it was impossible for Colin to get married, unless he lied to her.

"You……" Eric wanted to say something. But Melissa had already raised her head, wiped her tears and said, "Go to have a drink with me!"

Eric swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue. He was still unable to speak. It was not because he was selfish, but because Melissa was about to get rid of the shadow caused by Colin. He didn't want her to be trapped here. Every time she heard the news of Colin, she was sad, but Colin couldn't give her happiness. She couldn't fall down like this for the rest of her life. So he just nodded and said, "Okay!"

The two of them arrived at a small bar which was not very popular. There was no dancing area inside, so it was very quiet. There were only few people, or occasionally one or two tables of people gathering and playing. The two of them chose a remote corner to drink. Eric didn't persuade Melissa, but just watched her drinking. He knew that he couldn't persuade her. She wouldn't stop drinking when she was sad. He had seen it several times and felt sorry for her, so he swore that he wouldn't let her do this in the future. At least, he wouldn't let her drink to relieve her pain again.

He held her hand and said, "Melissa, this is the last time, okay?" "Forget him when you are drunk. Don't think of him again! "

"Will I forget him?" Melissa said with cry, "I have nothing……" "It's useless!" Then she took Eric's hand away and continued to drink.

"You still take him too seriously. You will be sad whenever he makes any movement. Think about how many times you have drunk for him?" The third time I saw you, you also had drunk for him. But has this man ever been so sad and painful for you? "Why are you so silly?" Eric scolded her.

Tears welled up in Melissa's eyes when she was drinki

c came in with a cup of water and said, "Drink some water first!"

After taking two sips, Melissa pushed it to him and said, "I'm fine!" Then she walked out slowly.

Eric cleaned up her vomitus, tried the hot water and shouted to the outside, "Take a shower first. Go to bed early tonight. You may have some activities tomorrow morning."

Sitting on the bed, Melissa stared blankly at somewhere and didn't answer. When Eric came out, she said blankly, "I want to go home tomorrow morning. I don't want to stay here anymore."

Eric was stunned. He didn't have the heart to see her depressed face. At the same time, he felt helpless. He walked up and sat next to her. "It's just a breakup, isn't it?" "And it's not the first time you know this result. You already know that he will leave and he will belong to others!"

"There is nothing to attend tomorrow's event. I don't want to see the mocking faces of Junia and Sophia!"

Eric grabbed her hand and said, "Charles and Bain haven't asked you yet. Don't you want to have a gathering with them?"

"Eric……" All of a sudden, Melissa turned her head to look at him, but her eyes were as calm as the lake in autumn. She couldn't figure out the emotions in it. She said, "Do you really love me?"

Eric was stunned again and didn't know what she was going to do.

All of a sudden, Melissa said in a low voice, "Let's have a date!"

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