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   Chapter 374 Linn Wants To Help (Part Three)

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Karl was still trying to explain, but the man on the other end of the line had already called Melissa for the shooting. So Melissa patted Karl on the shoulder and said, "You can find a place to sit for a while. I'm going to shoot!" Then Melissa left.

Karl was so excited that he didn't know how to vent his excitement. "I'm telling the truth!"

Melissa had already gone far away. No matter what he said was true or not, these things would only be settled after the judge said. But what confused her was director Billy's attitude. Why did he put her on the poster to publicize? After all, she was just a small role. She was nothing compared to June, Nathan and Leo. There was also Sophia. Besides, director Billy didn't like her. How could he put her in the poster?

When the movie of the Republic of China was finished, it was already ten o'clock in the evening. When it was about to finished, Zack flew to SH City to wait for her. When he saw Melissa come out, he asked, "Have you finished shooting the movie? Come with me to see a director after the shooting! " Zack was talking to her while speaking on the phone.

Melissa took a look at Karl. When Karl saw Zack was on the phone, Karl told Melissa in a low voice, "Zack appeared just now. I don't know why he came."

Perhaps Karl must be surprised. As the assistant of Melissa, he seldom saw Zack. He always asked her, "Many stars have agents wherever they go. Why don't you have an agent?"

Why didn't Melissa have the agent? Because she was of no use to Zack, so he went to support the new comers. How did Zack always follow her? This time, she was surprised to hear that the director wanted to see her.

It was not until the group of people started to get on the car and left that Zack hung up the phone and said, "Behave well when we meet the director later. It's good for both of us."

Leaning against the back seat with her arms crossed, Melissa asked, "Which director are you taking me to see?"

"It's a director from Japan. He said that he wanted to find a Chinese actress to shoot an international movie together. This movie includes stars from China, Japan and South Korea. If you shoot well, it will be helpful for you to open the Japanese market. "

"Has the company begun to give me resources? Aren't you going to keep banishing me? "

Zack said in disdain, "Do you think I want to find you? If the director hadn't pointed out that he wanted to see you, I wouldn't have come to here to find you!"

Seeing the attitude of Zack, Melissa didn't respond. She just looked at the scenery outside the car in silence. Zack answered another phone call. It was a call from the new actress, Lulu, whom he had been supporting so much. His attitude towards Lulu had changed com

displayed in the Asia market. It's your honor that he wants you to play a role in his movie! "

"Zack Bing, do you think I'm worth that much? I can only shoot a movie for the Japanese without conscience?" It was rare for Melissa to be so excited. She even called out the name of Zack face to face.

Zack scolded her again and Melissa got angry, she just shouted, "Stop the car!" Then she slammed the door and got out of the car. Before leaving, she said to Zack, "Don't come to me for such a movie in the future. I'd rather starve to death than shoot a movie that insults my country!"

Zack was so angry that he left. Then, Zack and Melissa parted in discord. Karl followed behind her and said, "Melissa, don't be angry. People like him think that everyone cares about money. Just ignore him from now on!"

It was okay for Melissa to ignore Zack, but she couldn't bear to be trampled on by others. Was it just because she was banished by the company and she could be used by these people casually? Could it be possible for her to shoot some movies that were combined by the two countries to insult her national image? Maybe it was nothing to other actors. She made a mountain out of a molehill, but she would rather make a mountain out of a molehill than let the audience scolded her. Her father was a military officer, and she had a stronger sense of love for her own country than anyone else.

The entertainment circle was becoming more and more unscrupulous. Some actors could do anything for money, let alone just shooting such a movie with the Japanese. Melissa didn't want to be like that. No matter how cold or poor she was, she couldn't do anything against her dignity.

In the evening, when she went back and talked with Eric on the phone, she told Eric what had happened today, but Eric had different opinions.

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