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   Chapter 373 Linn Wants To Help (Part Two)

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"What do you want to say?" Jenny's attitude was still very cold and hard.

Linn answered, "I don't want to say anything. I just want to do something for aunt and Melissa. The current situation of Colin may not be the best result for Melissa. As long as Melissa doesn't know the reason that Colin has left her, she won't really give up. She will always hold it in her mind and will she be happy all her life if she just marries another man with that kind of unwillingness? Perhaps the greatest happiness for Melissa is not to live in the peace and stability life that is built for her by her lover, but to accompany her lover to die slowly. You think it's cruel to let her see Colin die, but for her, the biggest cruel thing is to separate her from Colin. What's more, Colin might not die. With the advanced medical skills, and he got an additional chance to have an anti-inflammatory reaction than his clansmen, there is a great chance for him to live. Why do you have to tear them apart when they still have a hopeful love? "

"This is Colin's choice. He chose to abandon my daughter and die alone. The world is not for him. I won't indulge him in everything. Since he has let go of my daughter, don't blame me for giving my daughter to others!"

"It's not that Colin wants to give up. I don't think he wanted to give up at the beginning. He was still hesitating and wondering what to do, but your attitude indirectly caused him to give up Melissa. He knew that he had brought a lot of trouble to you and Melissa, especially after uncle's death, your attitude was very resolute. You won't forgive Melissa as long as he is with her. And Melissa was so painful. Later, after comparison, Colin would rather give up her than let you and your daughter break up. Because he had given up. Although Melissa is painful, she still has your comfort and support. But if he didn't let Melissa go, you wouldn't forgive Melissa. If he died, Melissa would suffer double pain. In comparison, he had no choice but to let Melissa go. You have been blaming him, but have you ever thought that many factors are caused indirectly by your family? "

"Are you here to teach me a

have no special features under the condition that everyone is good at acting. As soon as you came out, everyone's eyes lit up. I mean, no matter whether it's your acting skill or appearance, as long as everyone can remember you, it is a good thing, right? Well... It seems that the more I say, the worse it will be. But what I want to say is that you are not a vase, but you can be remembered in the play. "

Seeing that he explained in a hurry, Melissa just smiled faintly. In fact, she could probably understand what he said, because Eric told her that Billy praised her for being very photogenic when the movie was just finished. At that time, Melissa was surprised and didn't know what the so-called "photogenic" meant, but from the explanation of Karl today, she could understand even if she hadn't seen the movie. Was that why Billy put her in the poster? Billy thought that she had a good performance in the play, so he put her on the poster to publicize?

As soon as Karl saw the poster of 'Brotherhood' in Melissa's hand, he took it over as if he saw his savior and said, "You are not a vase. I was moved when I saw 'Brotherhood'. It's really a good performance! Really good. Although there was no publicity stunt in this movie, it was worth watching and made people self-criticism... The director and scriptwriter are both good, and the actors are also good. Especially you, you have made a big breakthrough in this play... "

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