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   Chapter 372 Linn Wants To Help (Part One)

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Colin's hospital in the United States was a noble hospital, with independent ward areas, and every ward area was equipped with a garden. The environment was quiet and fresh.

Seeing that Mrs. Fannie was sitting on the swing chair under the wisteria flower rack, it seemed that she was thinking about something quietly. Linn walked over and sat beside her, saying, "Mrs. Fannie, Mr. Colin is receiving an operation."

Mrs. Fannie nodded, "Okay."

After hesitating for a while, Linn asked, "I don't understand why you have been against him being with Melissa."

Mrs. Fannie asked, "Don't you want to marry my son?"

Linn looked at her and sneered, "I just made a bet on marrying Colin, not really like him."

Mrs. Fannie looked into the distance and said, "No matter what, he can't be with Melissa."

Looking at Fannie's deep face, Linn suddenly said in a low voice, "You must have never had a relationship."

"You are wrong. I once had a lover!"

"Then why can't you be tolerant to them?"

Mrs. Fannie was silent.

Linn continued, "Haven't you been moved by them? Haven't you thought of the previous relationship that you have?"

All of a sudden, Mrs. Fannie stood up and said, "Linn, it's none of your business."

Linn also stood up and asked, "What's your problem? Is it Avril? "

"You talked too much!" Mrs. Fannie said coldly and left.

In fact, even Mrs. Fannie didn't understand why she had objected. Back then, she had been against the relationship between Avril and Colin because of their future. She didn't agree Colin to be with Melissa, but now, it was obvious that all her worries had disappeared, but why did she still object to their relationship?

She was not reconciled at all. She didn't want her son to be entangled with this kind of woman all his life, and at the same time, she didn't want Colin to cherish other women more than he cherished his mother. She was struggling, but she was getting more and more confused about the meaning of her struggle.

Linn couldn't understand what these elders thought. Mrs. Fannie didn't agree with the relationship between Colin and Melissa, and neither did Jenny agree with them. But why? Linn didn't know the deep love was and how painful it was to part for ever. She didn't have a little feeling until she sa

dly, "If you really want her to be happy, you'd better not interfere in her affairs. Your disturbance and torture to her has already made her painful, and also made our family into an awkward situation! I don't say anything to you because you are the daughter of Paul's friend. But people's tolerance is limited. Linn, if you still have a little conscience, don't mess with our family again! "

Linn said sadly, "Do I cause trouble and torture to want to make Melissa and Colin together? I just do it out of kindness! "

"She doesn't need it. She doesn't need to be with Colin! In the past, and now. Does a man like Colin deserves my daughter to be loyal to him until she dies? What did he do for my daughter? Nothing! I just saw him torture my daughter again and again, and hurt her all over. Well, he has finally leaves, but you want to help the two of them to be together. Isn't this a harm to my daughter? "

Linn was irritated and looked unnatural, but she still tried to persuade Jenny, "Aunt, uncle said he forgives Melissa before he died."

"Yes, so I have forgiven her."

"The forgiveness you said is different from what I understand. When uncle died, he didn't know that Colin was ill, and he also knew that Melissa would be with Colin no matter what happened. But he chose to forgive Melissa at that time, which meant that he had helped Melissa to be with Colin. But why are you so determined? You did forgive Melissa, but what if Colin didn't leave Melissa because of his illness? Will you forgive Melissa? "

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