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   Chapter 371 Colin Calls Her (Part Two)

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When she was about to persuade Melissa, Melissa's phone suddenly rang. Melissa said, "I'm sorry. I'll answer the phone."

As Melissa walked out of the banquet hall, she looked at her cell phone. The number was very strange and there was no name record. But the phone kept ringing, and Melissa thought there might be someone who had something to talk to her, so she picked it up and said, "Hello?"

But there was no sound except silence. As if Melissa hadn't heard anything, she said again, "Hello..."

But the person on the other end of the phone was still quiet. It was strange. Melissa took down her phone and found that the phone was still on the line, but why didn't the person answer it? Then Melissa picked it up and asked, "Hello, who are you? …… Who are you looking for? What's up? "

Melissa asked a few questions in a row, but the person still didn't answer. Then, Melissa was in silence, she felt strange. After a few seconds, she still couldn't get an answer. With a frown, Melissa asked, "Hello, is anyone here? What can I do for you? "

But the other party was quiet, and time stopped in this strange silence. It was ten o'clock in the evening. When the company was setting off fireworks, a few clusters of flames suddenly rose at the end of the garden where Melissa stood and lit the night sky. Then the fireworks that had condensed into were all burning, competing to fly into the sky, emitting brilliant sparks. People around were cheering, celebrating, there were champagne and colorful strips.

Looking at the lively scene, Melissa had never been so quiet in her heart. Her eyes lit up when she was hit by some kind of memory. She had a strong consciousness and realized who the other party was, because this kind of feeling did not exist for anyone except him. All of a sudden, Melissa tentatively asked, "Colin... Is that you? "

The man on the other end of the phone took a deep breath. Although he didn't say anything, Melissa was immediately

e careless at all. Colin also knew what was the most important thing, so when he was on the operating table, he requested to call Melissa, even if just listened to her voice. He hadn't seen her for a long time and missed her very much. He wanted to hear her voice. If there was an accident, it would be good to leave with her voice.

When lying on the operating table, Colin thought of the face of Melissa. She smiled at him, acted like a spoiled child, and said something happy to him... In the end, there was only her crying face left. She looked at him quietly and said nothing. She just cried quietly.

Doctor Jackson comforted him, "You have to have confidence in yourself. If you don't have confidence in yourself, how can we have confidence in you? The will of you to live is very important. Sometimes it is more important than good pills and panacea to completely pull people back from the edge of death. If you really love her, you should fight for your life for her! "

"I understand!" Colin murmured. Under the effect of the anesthetic, he became more and more unconscious, but the picture of Melissa still clearly appeared in his mind. She still looked at him with tears, silently looking at him. So, at the moment before he passed out, a tear fell from the corner of his eyes and fell to his ear.

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