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   Chapter 349 A Car Accident (Part Two)

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Colin rubbed the ring in his hand, and the ring, which was originally glued with glue, broke again. He threw it gently to the ground, and the huge diamond was separated from the ring and rolled to the feet of Melissa.

This scene was undoubtedly a huge blow to Melissa. The diamond ring, which once symbolized their love and engagement vows, was destroyed. Could the diamond be separated from the ring, symbolizing eternal, till death do them apart?

She covered her mouth in pain, feeling that her heart, which she had just stuck to, was broken again with the diamond ring, and it was completely broken. She did not have the courage to bond again.

Regardless of her sad expression, Colin said coldly, "I don't love you anymore. I've been playing with you all the time. I just want to see the feeling of the woman who gave me a head-on blow after she was loyal to me and abandoned by me. Do you really think that you are so charming that you can conquer a playboy who has playing in this circle for many years? I never fall in love with any woman. To be honest, I love Avril the most in my life. After she died, I won't fall in love with anyone else. But you... You are just my prey, a prey that I'm more interested in. If I conquer you, you won't be attractive to me anymore! "

Tears welled up in her eyes. Melissa slowly knelt on the ground and murmured, "Colin, you are so cruel... You are so cruel... " She reached out her trembling hands to pick up the diamonds and rings on the ground, trying to stick them together, but found that no matter how hard she tried, they couldn't be stick额ed. The glue had been dried, and there was no more energy to gather them.

She cried even harder, holding the two things and crying all the time.

Seeing her like this, Linn bit her lower lip and said nothing. On the other hand, Mrs. Fannie was very proud of herself. That was exactly what she wanted. She wanted to piss off Melissa and make Melissa give up on Colin completely. Melissa would never disturb their lives again.

Colin seemed to be moved. There was something painful in his throat that he didn't want to speak, but he endured the pain and said coldly, "Do you want me to repeat it a second time? Melissa, I don't love you at all. You are just my plaything. Unfortunately, you have fallen in love with me and paid so much! You are so silly! Unfortunately, I'm not moved at all. I just think it's ridiculous! "

Tears kept falling from her eyes. Melissa dropped them on the diamond in her hand and Melissa said through gritted teeth, "Colin, I will hate you. I will hate everything you have

as soon as possible!"

However, Colin seemed very uneasy. He tried his best to look back. He had a strong sense of foreboding, which made him unable to leave at ease. So when he saw the driver was about to drive, he immediately shouted, "Stop the car!"

The driver had to stop and asked, "Master, what happened?"

Colin didn't say anything. He opened the door, got out of the car and ran back.

"Mr. Colin!" Linn called his name. She couldn't understand why he looked so flustered. What was so good about a car accident? She looked back and suddenly thought of something. Was there something wrong with Melissa? So she suddenly opened the door and chased after Colin, leaving only two confused drivers behind.

Linn called out Colin's name and chased him. She walked around the crowded cars and pushed through the crowd. When she finally arrived at the center of the road, she saw a car parking in the center, while Melissa was lying motionless in front of the car, with blood all over her body.

Seeing this, Linn was shocked and couldn't help covering her mouth and screaming. Seeing this, Colin shouted, "Melissa!" He rushed forward desperately, hugged her and shouted, "Melissa! Melissa! " He didn't care whether they would break up or not. How could he rest assured when the woman in front of him was lying in front of him?

Linn looked a few more times to make sure it was Melissa, and then she believed that there was a connection between Colin and Melissa. When something happened to Melissa, since Colin didn't see her, he was sure it was her and ran back desperately. Linn thought to herself, 'No matter how perfect the cover is, it can't deceive your own love for her?'? But why was he so cruel to leave Melissa?

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