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   Chapter 348 A Car Accident (Part One)

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It seemed that Colin had just come back from outside, he wore a suit with a serious look on his face. It was rare for him to be so formal. He was like a big boss facing his subordinates without showing too much personal feelings. Melissa stared at him blankly and walked forward step by step. "Colin, are you finally willing to show up? Are you finally willing to see me? "

Seeing this, Mrs. Fannie sneered, crossed her arms and watched, showing no intention of leaving. Linn also stood beside them.

Colin's expression was very cold, he looked at Melissa and said, "I didn't avoid you. We have broken up. What else do you want?"

"Don't you give me a real reason for breaking up?" Questioned Melissa, with the anger that Mrs. Fannie had just given her. Melissa didn't believe that Colin would break up with her for no reason. Why?

Colin said, "I have made it clear to you when we broke up. Do you need me to say it a second time?"

Hearing his cold tone, Melissa was very sad, but she didn't give up and asked, "Colin, is there anyone forcing you?"

Mrs. Fannie said coldly, "You're really good at guessing randomly. Is it because that Colin abandoned you and you began to find all kinds of excuses to plead him?"

However, Colin said coldly, "No one forced me. It's me who want to break up with you. There's no need for us to continue dating!"

Tears welled up in her eyes. Melissa couldn't calm down in the face of such a scene. For the first time, she was heartbroken, and for the second time, a glimmer of hope just lit up, but was ruthlessly extinguished by him.

Mrs. Fannie added fuel to the fire, "Did you hear that? No one forced him to break up with you. It is his own decision! Just give up! "

But Melissa pretended not to hear it. She rushed up, held Colin's hand and said, "What on earth did I do wrong? Why do you treat me like this? Or what difficulties do you have? Just tell me! "

Colin took her hand away and said, "I don't have any difficulties. Miss Melissa, please show some respects!"

"Miss Melissa... Show some respects... " Hearing such a strange name, Melissa was about to laugh, but her tears fell. She shook her head and couldn't believe it. She didn't be

den, Colin took Linn's hand and showed Linn the same ring on the ring fingers of the two. He said to Melissa coldly, "See? We two have been engaged and our wedding rings have been set. We will get married soon. Don't you give up? Do you think I will love you? "

"What did you say?" Melissa thought she was deaf or had a nightmare, or she wouldn't have heard such cruel words.

Seeing that, Mrs. Fannie was relieved. A complacent smile appeared on her face. On the other hand, Linn lowered her head. Although she didn't look very happy, she was very cooperative with Colin. She didn't say anything even if Colin took her hand.

Melissa stared at the rings in their hands. The diamond was so bright that it almost blind her eyes. Wasn't it really a nightmare? But why was the diamond ring's bright so real? Melissa really didn't want to believe it. She shook her head and muttered, "It's not true... It's not true... Colin, you won't do this to me... "

Melissa was hysterical. But Colin ignored her heartache. He took out another diamond ring from his pocket, raised it and said to Melissa, "This is the ring I proposed to you before. The other one is on your hand, but our engagement is invalid, so this diamond ring is also useless! I broke the ring the night we broke up, because I didn't want to make up with you, let alone marry you... Today, as the witness of abandoning the ring, our relationship is also broken like this ring. Haven't you given up yet? "

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