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   Chapter 347 You Almost Killed Him (Part Two)

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All of a sudden, Mrs. Fannie said to Linn, "Go upstairs and wait for me."

Linn seemed to understand something and nodded. After taking a few steps, she wanted to look back at Melissa, but she couldn't help but leave quickly.

Then Mrs. Fannie ordered the two teams, "The others can leave now. You go to do what should you do."

The others had to leave, but when they left, they looked back curiously, curious about what was going to happen.

When the others had almost left, Mrs. Fannie said, "I've always wanted to find an opportunity to teach you a lesson, but I didn't expect you to come to me!"

Facing Mrs. Fannie and her assistant, who were left alone, Melissa sneered because of what Fannie said, "Mrs. Fannie, what do you want to teach me? Why should you teach me a lesson? "

However, Mrs. Fannie suddenly became angry. Seeing that her eyes lit up, Mrs. Fannie was so arrogant that she slapped on Melissa's face the next second.

The slap was ruthless and merciless. Since Melissa was a child, she had never been slapped like this. She was stunned in an instant. She turned around and looked at Mrs. Fannie coldly. She gritted her teeth and said, "Slapping people can't solve any problem, not to mention that Mrs. Fannie is the chairman of an enterprise. What kind of quality does it show to slap people like this?"

Mrs. Fannie said angrily, "This slap is for my son! You owe him too much. You almost killed him! "

Still, Melissa covered her face and stared at her coldly. Melissa didn't understand what she meant by getting angry all of a sudden.

Mrs. Fannie scolded, "Ask yourself if my son is good enough to you and has done a lot of things for you that he can't do for himself. How could you deserve his love? "

Melissa asked, "Are you crazy, Mrs. Fannie? How good is your son to me? " Colin kept hurting her. It was ridiculous that Mrs. Fannie still thought he was good enough to her? How could Fannie hit her? It was so unreasonable!

However, Mrs. Fannie

ith him? He can make you happy, but can you make him happy? He almost died because of you! You are a disaster to him. If he doesn't have you in his life, he will live a good life, he will always be the happy playboy. Why do you make him compromise for you, change for you, and even sacrifice himself for you! "

"What did you say?" At first, Melissa was very angry, but when she heard Mrs. Fannie's words, she only felt that something was wrong. So she squinted and asked, "What do you mean by that? I almost killed him? "

Mrs. Fannie sneered, "Humph, he really keeps it from you!"

The more Fannie spoke, the more Melissa felt that there was something wrong with her tone. So Melissa walked up to her and asked, "What's wrong with Colin? What happened? "

But at this moment, Colin suddenly walked in from the gate and said coldly, "Nothing happened to me. What do you think will happen to me?"

Seeing the sudden appearance of Colin, Mrs. Fannie's face suddenly darkened. But Melissa was shocked. She didn't expect to see Colin in such an intense scene.

Linn didn't seem to go far. When Linn saw Colin, she also appeared at once. She trotted up and said, "Mr. Colin, why are you here?"

Without noticing the change of Linn's tone, Melissa just stared at him blankly, staring at the man who made her heartbroken.

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