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   Chapter 346 You Almost Killed Him (Part One)

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 7000

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Melissa didn't care about what Zack shouted and went straight to the director.

The director was talking with two actors. When he saw Melissa coming over, he asked, "What's wrong with you today? You haven't been in a good condition today."

Lowering her head, Melissa said, "Director, I want to ask for a leave from you."

"What?" The director was not familiar with Melissa, so he was not used to the way that she asked for leaving directly. Besides, it was time for shooting. He asked, "Has your company told you the shooting time?"

"I've been absent-minded today, so I can't take any more shooting. Please give me some time to deal with my personal affairs! Please! Please! " Melissa kept pleading. When the director wanted to say something, she always said "please". Later, the director could only let her go, but he told Zack to about the situation. He asked, "What's wrong with the actors you brought here? How could she ask for leave so easily? Do you still want to shoot? "

Zack had been apologizing to the director all the time. He hated Melissa in his mind.

When Melissa left, she heard the director talking with Zack. Of course, she also heard the director's angry shout. But she ignored it. All she wanted to do now was to deal with her own affairs as soon as possible. She had to see Colin and ask him about it clearly. When he broke up with her, she was just too sad, so she didn't think too much. Later, her mother persuaded her so that she just let go of this relationship in such a muddle. Now that she thought of it, she still couldn't figure out many things. If they broke up like this, she would definitely regret in the future! She must know why Colin broke up with her?

She always believed that the reason why Colin broke up with her was definitely not because of Linn. Melissa was determined!

Melissa took a taxi to the company where Colin worked. He should be working at the company at this time, but when she arrived there, she got a response from the front desk, "Mr. Colin is not here."

Subconsciously, Melissa thought that Colin didn't want to see h

, she didn't bow. She just looked at them calmly and didn't have much feelings for Fannie.

When Fannie and Linn reached the end of the queue, they finally saw Melissa. Mrs. Fannie stopped and looked at her coldly. "It's you? Why are you here? "

Taking a look at the stunned Linn, Melissa didn't want to hide anything and said, "I'm here for Colin!"

Mrs. Fannie sneered, "Haven't you given up yet? If my memory serves me right, he has broken up with you, right? "

"I'm here today to figure out why he broke up with me. Is there anyone who plotted or forced him to do so?"

Mrs. Fannie sneered, "You think too important of yourself. Do you really think that Colin loves you with all his heart and won't abandon you easily?"

"I don't think too important of myself. I'm just very confident in our relationship. I feel right to be with him. The two of us have always been very good, and that kind of mood is something that outsiders can't understand. So I firmly believe that he won't abandon me so inexplicably!"

"So you suspect that I forced him?"

Melissa kept silent and looked at Mrs. Fannie coldly. Melissa did think so. Melissa increasingly felt that it was abnormal for Colin to break up with her. If there was no resistance, he would not have made such a hasty and cruel decision. She believed in her own feelings. That man loved her and would not abandon her so easily.

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