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   Chapter 345 Melissa Wants To Know The Reason (Part Two)

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Melissa was in slience. In fact, Melissa wanted to hang up the phone. Seeing these people like this would only make her more tired. She suddenly felt very tired. After a while, she couldn't help but ask, "Charles, there's a question that has been confusing me all the time. Did you recommend me to act 'Brotherhood' because I'm in line with the role of Wendy Zhang? Or was it because... I have Colin behind me?"

"What?" Shocked, Charles explained, "Why do you ask that? You are a good match for Wendy Zhang. That's why we are looking for you... "

"But I didn't find anything similar between me and Wendy Zhang. You said you wanted a girl with a clean temperament, but I don't think I have a cleaner temperament than some newcomers. Besides, Wendy Zhang is sentimental and even full of righteous indignation. I really don't think my nature is like her."

Charles kept silent for a while and said, "You have finished your acting. Why are you still bothered by this question? And you did a good job. Everyone said you were Wendy Zhang. Why do you suddenly question this question? "

Melissa's heart ached and she couldn't help but question herself. She had always thought that she was recognized by Charles and Bain only because of her acting skills and image, and she had once been complacent and became very confident. But one day, the truth told her that she was not chosen by them because of her acting skills. They only liked her background, which was a big blow to her who had been working hard in her acting skills. It really hurts!

Melissa was about to cry and said, "I've already suspected that I... I am just a pretty woman. Maybe I really don't know how to act, or maybe I'm really not suitable for this circle, so I've never been recognized by the world. People in the circle don't think highly of me, and even this time... Is it also because of Colin that I can be in this movie? "

Charles persuaded, "Don't think too much. You did a good job. You can make a lot of people move in the lase-half of the movie."

"That's your recognition of me. I just can move a lot of people. But most of the movies that can move many people are the contribution of the script... " Hearing that, Melissa choked with sobs. She asked, "Charles, tell me the truth. Am I just a pretty woman in this movie? You came to me because I had a backer, and you just took a fancy to this backstage?"

Charles was silent, seeming to be preparing his lines. After

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. The actress is in a bad mood today, so she didn't do it well. Please give her a few minutes to rest. She'll be fine soon!" As he apologized, he left the set with Melissa. When they arrived at a quiet corner, he scolded, "What's wrong with you? You have been absent-minded since you came back from the half-time break. Look, the director has scolded you several times. If it goes on like this, others will have a bad impression on you! "

Wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes, Melissa was still angry and uncomfortable. She was very depressed. When she was about to burst out with anger, she said coldly, "I really can't continue acting. Ask for leave today! I really can't act anymore. I have to do something! "

"What are you going to do?" Zack was about to get angry. She just didn't think that she was wrong. How could she ask for a temporary leave when the director was in a fit of anger!

"Go to do my private affairs. I want to ask him clearly. I can't just break up with him for no reason!" Then Melissa walked towards the director firmly.

Zack shouted behind her. "Are you kidding me? Why do you ask for leave during working hours? And who allows you to ask for leave for your private affairs?"

But Melissa ignored him and walked towards the director. She had to ask for leave. She couldn't bear it anymore. She had inspired when she was filming, and didn't understand why she had broken up with Colin, and she had given up so easily, without even asking the reason. She had to ask Colin what had happened and why he had abandoned her. Otherwise, she would not be willing to work hard!

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