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   Chapter 344 Melissa Wants To Know The Reason (Part One)

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"What are you talking about me?" Suddenly, Junia appeared at the door and asked the two of them. With a faint and sharp smile on her face, she asked, "Are you two talking about me?"

Anna didn't expect that Junia would show up and she just spoke ill of Junia to Melissa. Anna was so frightened that she opened her mouth and covered it subconsciously.

When Junia saw Anna's expression, her eyes became colder. The smile at the corners of her mouth had become slanted, and she only raised the corners of her mouth. That kind of expression was somewhat evil and frightening.

But Melissa's reaction was very calm. She didn't owe anything to Junia, and what Anna said was the truth. Why should Melissa be afraid of Junia? So Melissa just said calmly, "We are talking about Miss Junia's career! I heard that The Sword Casting Hill has become popular. Congratulations, Miss Junia. "

Junia twirled her curly hair and said, "Aren't you also in the play? Speaking of this, the play became famous thanks to the hype of you and Eric! It was rare for Eric as the best actor to act in a TV play, so the audience had to support him. Oh, I almost forget that it was thanks to Eric that you could play the No.3 supporting role in this play, right? "

Junia's words were full of sarcasm. She mocked Melissa's way to become famous. But Melissa didn't want to talk to her, so she said, "I'm going to work. Miss Junia, you could go to do your work."

Junia added, "One Family' is going to be broadcast soon. We two are destined to be together. We have acted in many plays together, and I am the heroine, you are the supporting role, especially in One Family which will be broadcast. Aren't you afraid of being scolded that you played a mistress in it?"

At the beginning, Junia was aiming at Melissa who would play the home wrecker in One Family, then Junia eagered to act the heroine in that play. Junia wanted to use the role in this play to trample on Melissa. In the paly, Junia was a gentle, kind and generous wife, and Melissa was a vicious and paranoid mistress. Their position was obvious. If Junia's team took this opportunity to publicize and suppress Melissa, Melissa m

hey were in the same industry, they could compete, let alone become friends. Melissa didn't take Anna as a friend. Obviously, Anna didn't take her as a friend either. But the two of them were very clear that they were a team of interests and it was necessary for them to unite together. Otherwise, they would be suppressed by others, so they wouldn't go against each other for the time being.

Melissa trusted Anna, but she felt sad. She was suddenly tired of the entertainment circle and such a life of deception. When she entered this circle, she was very simple, but in the end, she didn't get what she wanted to pursue, but she was slowly changed. Since she entered this circle, she had been more and more lost in herself and didn't know what she wanted to do.

During the intermission of the Republic of China movie, Charles called Melissa and said about Honor Award this year. Charles asked her, "Have you mentioned it to Mr. Colin?"

Hearing what he said, Melissa's heart sank a little. She was in a good mood, but suddenly became unhappy, and her disgust for this circle increased a little. However, Charles was her senior and also a person who helped her. With patience, she said, "No, he doesn't know much about it. It's Mrs. Fannie's business."

Charles tried to persuade her in a roundabout way, "In fact, you can mention it properly. Mr. Colin is also very important in the Ling Group, especially after his father's death..."

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