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   Chapter 343 Go Back To The Company (Part Two)

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Jenny patted on Eric's arm, indicating that Eric should behave well. Eric had to ask Melissa, "Did you go out today? Have you had dinner? Do you want to go out for dinner? "

Melissa just said lightly, "Thank you. I don't have any appetite. You can go out to eat with my mother."

Seeing that the atmosphere was a little cold, Jenny had to go forward and said, "Since you don't want to go out, then don't go out. I'll cook later, and Eric will stay and eat!"

Eric nodded. He and Jenny didn't say anything when they saw Melissa was not in a good mood, but went upstairs with Melissa silently. Later, Jenny went to cook. Sitting on the sofa, Melissa turned on the TV and adjusted the channels.

Eric put the things he bought on the table, took a pitaya and said to Melissa, "I remember that you liked to eat the pitaya 5 years ago in the film group of The Empress Woman. When I came here today, I saw someone selling it at the gate of the community. It must be planted by the warehouse himself. It was fresh, so I bought some. Would you like to eat? I'll peel the skin for you. "

Melissa put down the remote control and kept silent for a while. Then she turned to Eric and said, "Eric, you don't have to take care of me. I'm fine!"

Eric sat next to her, peeled the fruit, cut a few pieces with a knife, put in a toothpick and handed it to her. "I didn't specially take care of you. Have some fruit. It's good for your beauty!"

Taking the fruit from him, Melissa said softly, "Really, I'm living a good life now. You don't have to worry about anything."

She had thought it through. Wasn't it just Colin? It was just a fruitless love! Colin abandoned her and broke her heart. She was cold hearted. She would not always remember this man. She would striv

that the people in the company didn't know that she had broken up with Colin. That's right. For many people, Ling family was always an unattainable existence. When she was with Colin, she kept a low profile. No one dared to spread it, let alone know that she had broken up with Colin. But there was no secret in the world, and this matter would be known to all sooner or later.

Since Melissa had chosen to face it frankly, she said, "I have broken up with Colin."

Anna was startled. "Ah!" She looked at Melissa in a daze and asked, "Are you kidding me?"

Melissa didn't want to explain too much. Anyway, they would know it sooner or later. She said, "I'm not kidding. I'm going to shoot! Go ahead with your work! "

Seeing that Melissa was about to leave, Anna grabbed her hand and said, "It's not good for you! Don't you know that Junia has always regarded you as her biggest competitor and has been trying to push you out of the company? Recently, Junia has been in contact with the Ling Group, and Mrs. Fannie thinks highly of her. If you suddenly break up with Colin, Junia will have a chance to hit you, won't she? "

"What can Junia do to me?" Asked Melissa.

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