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   Chapter 342 Go Back To The Company (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-06-27 00:02

After a few days of peace, it seemed that Melissa had come out of the shadow. She no longer mentioned the matter of Colin and no longer felt sad for him. But she had lost her passion. She didn't like to talk and she didn't like talk. Even when others talked to her, she could only respond less.

Jenny knew that Melissa was hurt badly in her heart. Although Melissa followed the advice to forget Colin, it was impossible for her to recover her vital energy in a short time. So Jenny moved to live with Melissa and took care of her these days.

When Eric was free, he would come to visit Melissa. Basically, he came here in an ordinary way, taking the company and her home as the two most common places that he went the most. On the evening of Wednesday, when Eric finished all the things, he came to see Melissa. He saw that Jenny was accompanying her to throw things downstairs, including the clothes, shoes, and some other trivial things that were sent to her by Colin, which were destroyed by her that day...

Eric stepped forward and didn't dare to touch Melissa directly. He just asked Jenny, "Why did she still throw those things away?"

Jenny replied helplessly, "If she wants to throw it, just let her do it. Anyway, it's gifts for her. Why does she keep them if she is unhappy?"

"Did she cut off Colin's photo album?"

Jenny nodded, "This morning, she began to rummage through the boxes to sort out all the things of Colin. She burnt and cut them, if they can't be burnt or cut, she just threw them away."

Eric kept silent and looked at Melissa.

Jenny seemed to be in a bad mood. She lowered her head and covered her mouth with her hand.

Eric thought of the day when he called Jenny, but she knew that Melissa had broken up with Colin,

you two, and you have never hurt her! "

Jenny turned to look at Eric, "Maybe you've suffered a lot before, but if you can hold on, Melissa will fall in love with you. In a few years, she will understand. I'm her mother, and I know how my daughter feels."

Eric kept silent for a while and answered, "Auntie, I want to hold on, but I don't know if it's really good for her. I want to start a family with her, but it depends on her opinion. I hope she can be happy, not forced! "

Jenny nodded, patted Eric's arm to show her understanding, and said, "She will understand. No matter how much she loves Colin, she will forget him after he left her for a period of time. And you have always been by her side, she will see how good you are!"

The two looked at Melissa at the same time and fell into deep thought.

After throwing those things away, Melissa watched the trash truck drive away slowly. She didn't turn around and walk back until it was far away.

Seeing that Melissa was depressed with her head down, Jenny said to her, "Eric is here!"

Raising her head to take a look at Eric, Melissa didn't say anything else but said lightly, "Let's go upstairs!"

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