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   Chapter 338 Don't Leave Me, I Am Wrong (Part One)

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Eric shouted, "Melissa!"

The waiter was stunned. He felt something was wrong when he brought Eric in. Although Eric was wearing casual clothes, hat and sunglasses, he still felt very familiar. He thought that Eric looked like a star. He didn't pay much attention to the entertainment circle, but he knew the famous people in it. Besides, judging from Eric's dressing and temperament, he was a little suspicious at that time. When he heard Eric call Melissa's name again, he was almost scared.


Wasn't she the goddess in his heart? The waiter looked at the drunk Melissa and then looked at Eric, "Sir, what did you call this lady?"

However, even though Melissa was scolded, she was still not sober. She drank too much and her brain was in a mess. She looked up at Eric and felt familiar with him through her drunk eyes. She giggled and asked, "Who are you?"

Eric ignored the waiter and asked Melissa, "How much wine did you drink? Where is that bastard Colin? "

"Colin?" When Melissa murmured the name again, she suddenly burst into tears again. She squatted down and said, "Colin... He abandoned me! He abandoned me! "

Eric couldn't bear to see her crying, but at the same time, he was more angry. He was angry that when she was sad, she went to the bar to drink. Regardless of her own situation, and regardless of her safety. What he hated most was that Colin was such a bastard. After breaking up with her, he left her alone and let her go, he didn't care about her anymore. If Eric hadn't found her or if she hadn't been taken care of by this kind-hearted waiter, she might have been taken away by some lecher.

Eric squatted down, stroked her hair and said, "Let's go home!" Eric's tone was very gentle, full of pity for her. He didn't know how to be angry towards her, but now she only made him feel sorry for her!

But Melissa still cried bitterly, "Colin doesn't want me anymore!"

Eric didn't say anything. He just pulled her up, held her waist and sa

ed, "He didn't look for me... He didn't turn back and look for me... " Then she cried again, and this time she cried even louder.

Eric looked at her in silence. Seeing that she cried for a while, he just bit his lower lip and clenched his fists. He gritted his teeth and said, "Colin, I won't lose to you! You've done enough. Don't look for her again! And don't expect me to give her to you again! "

Then he helped Melissa get in the car regardless of her struggle. Melissa was talking nonsense, crying and laughing, but no matter what she said, it was always around Colin. It could be seen how much she cared about Colin's hurt to her.

Eric just drove the car silently. He just ignored her no matter what she said, but was angry in his heart. He swore in his heart that if he was accepted by Melissa this time, he would never let go of Melissa, even if Colin came back. Last time, he let her go, but Colin didn't cherish her. Instead, Colin hurt her more seriously. Would he let her go again? He would never let go of Melissa for himself and for the happiness of Melissa!

Melissa cried for a while. By the time she arrived home, she had already fallen asleep. Eric didn't wake her up, but carried her out of the car and went upstairs. Then he took out the key from her bag, opened the door and put her on the bed.

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