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   Chapter 337 Both Melissa And Ice Hua Were Dead (Part Two)

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Later, the other waiter persuaded the kind-hearted waiter, "Leave her alone. It is no use to be kind to this kind of person. Will a good girl to get drunk in the middle of the night? She must like some unclean woman. Maybe she just want to be drunk and wait for men to catch her!"

Hearing that, Melissa smiled while crying. She waved her hand and said, "Am I waiting for a man to catch me? Men are not good… They are all bad... "

"I think she has broken up with her boyfriend!" The cold waiter said with disdain, and then said to the kind-hearted waiter, "Don't worry too much. Our job is to serve wine. If the customer wants it, just give it to her. Don't persuade her!" Then the cold waiter left to serve the guests.

The kind-hearted waiter looked at Melissa for a while and suddenly asked, "Miss, in fact, I have a question. May I ask you a question? Are you the actress of The Empress Woman, Melissa Shen?"

Raising her drunk eyes reluctantly to look at the waiter, Melissa smiled and said, "Melissa? Melissa… Does anyone recognize Melissa? "

The waiter said nervously, "When I was in junior high school, I liked that play very much. I chased the show in the Internet bar and watched it all night. I thought the heroine of that play was very beautiful, as if she was a fairy coming down from the heaven to the mortal world and was otherworldly. But then she suddenly disappeared, and there was very little news about her. I think you resemble her very much!"

Looking at the boy up and down, Melissa suddenly asked, "How old are you?"

"Just 18 years old. I'm a university student this year." He lowered his head awkwardly. "My family's economic condition is not very good, so I work in a night club at night."

"Do you like Ice Hua very much?"

"I don't like Ice Hua. I just think that the actress played Ice Hua has a very clean temperament and I rarely find such a beautiful and pure girl. After watching the play, I paid much attention to her, but unfortunately she disappeared later for no reason. I couldn't find her for several years, and then I gradually forgot. Until today when I saw you, I felt that you were like my goddess when I was in middle school! "

Melissa lowered her head and smiled coldly and ironically.

The waiter asked tentatively, "May I know your name, Miss… Miss Melissa? You look like each other! "

Melissa raised her head, revealing her red eyes and messy makeup. "Do you think I look like her? Am I still like the otherworldly goddess in your childhood? "

The waiter looked at her blankly

lf-awake. Just then, Melissa's phone rang. The waiter asked her a few questions, but she didn't answer, so he took her phone and answered it.

Before the waiter could say anything, the man asked angrily, "Where are you? Why didn't you answer my phone? "

Eric was anxious to death. He knew that there would be something wrong with Melissa, so he went to see her again after he left her home. He waited for a while and then left. Later, he still worried about her at night, so he called her, but no one answered. He drove to her home again, only to find that she hadn't come back, but he saw the secretary of Colin, Quintin, came to her house with a lot of things. When he asked Quintin about the situation, Eric rushed to Heaven Night to look for Melissa, but he couldn't find her. The waitress of Heaven Night said that Melissa left in tears. He knew that Colin must have broken up with Melissa, so he looked for her everywhere. He had been looking for her for several hours, but he still couldn't find her. He was almost crazy. It was not easy for Melissa to answer the phone so that he lost his temper.

The waiter asked cautiously, "Are you a friend of the owner of this phone?"

"Who are you?" Eric didn't expect that it was a man answering the phone. His tone became colder and he was worried about that something might happen to her.

The waiter told Eric what happened to Melissa tonight and the location of his bar. Eric hurried to drive here.

When Eric came over, Melissa had just gone to the bathroom to vomit, and Eric followed her to wait for her outside. When he saw the woman staggering out, he pursed his thin lips, feeling angry and painful. He shouted at her, "Melissa!"

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