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   Chapter 336 Both Melissa And Ice Hua Were Dead (Part One)

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"She's gone!" Watching the receding figure of Melissa, Amy turned around to look at Colin, only to find that he was supporting his forehead with one hand on the piano lid. She exclaimed, "Brother, brother, what's wrong with you?"

Amy rushed up to hold him, but he still had a headache. He held his forehead and tried his best to hold back his headache. He frowned and his face turned pale. After a long time, he waved his hand and said, "I'm fine!"

It was obvious that he was seriously injured, but he insisted that he was fine. She was angry and said, "I'll help you go back. We'll leave right away tonight. We can't delay anymore!"

Enduring the pain, Colin pushed her away and said angrily, "You were too cruel to Melissa just now. You shouldn't have said that."

After a short pause, Amy shouted back, "Will she leave if I don't say that? How much time will you waste with her? You have stayed for her for a long time. Do you have to wait until you die of illness before you completely break up with her? "

Although what Amy said was reasonable, Colin still felt sorry for Melissa and scolded Amy, "You shouldn't have hurt her in this way!"

Amy was annoyed. She had been worried about his condition. He refused to go to America because of Melissa. Amy couldn't stand it anymore, so she said something harsh to Melissa. But now her brother was still defending Melissa. Amy sneered, "If I didn't say that, I would say something more serious. At the worst, tell her your condition. Which way will hurt her more? "

Hearing that, Colin felt a sharp pain in his head. It seemed that he really had no choice but to shake his head. "I really don't know what to say to you. I have told you not to get involved in my business. I will deal with it myself, but you still have to interfere, which will only make me more tired!"

All of a sudden, tears welled up in Amy's eyes. "Don't you know how important you are to me? I only have a brother after my mother died. What if something happens to you? "

"You should learn to be independent, Amy!"

"I don't want to be independent. I want you to take care of me!"

As Colin had a terrible hea

That night, Melissa went to a bar to get drunk. She cried and laughed. She didn't know what she wanted, so she could only drink desperately, trying to relieve her pain in this way.

It was very noisy in the bar. It was 1 o'clock in the morning and business was booming in the bar. On the dance floor, men and women crazily shook their heads and bodies with the DJ music. Many people gathered to drink, or play cards and games in the corner. Only Melissa sat at the bar counter and kept drinking.

When the waiter at the bar counter saw a girl enter the bar and her eyes were red with tears, he felt something was wrong. He asked if there was anyone around her, but Melissa said no. The waiter persuaded her to drink less. The bar was a very messy place. Girls came here in groups or with male companions, there would be very few girls coming alone, because it was too dangerous. Besides, Melissa was not in a good mood. It was obvious that she was going to get drunk. She was so beautiful, so he was afraid that she would be targeted by bad guys.

But Melissa didn't pay attention to it. She ordered a large glass of wine and drank it as hard as she could. It was not a wine tasting, but a water drinking. After drinking the first glass, she asked for a second glass. The waiter only gave her three glasses of wine and persuaded her not to drink anymore. But Melissa lost her temper, she even yelled and wanted to drink again.

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