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   Chapter 335 You Let Me Down (Part Two)

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"That's impossible. Your mother has never forgiven us. You will know it in the future. And I'm far from being good to you than Eric. You will only be happier if you leave me!"

Melissa shook off his hand and cried, "I will be happier without you? Then why didn't you let go of me earlier and took me back to your side? I have tried my best to escape from you! Or you just take me as an experiment to see if it's appropriate for you to be with me, and kick me away if it's not appropriate. Have you ever thought about my feelings? Colin, why are you so cruel? Do you only take me as a tool for dating? Do you think I don't have feelings? Do you think I can bear your hurt again and again? "

Her heart was riddled with scars. It was all his fault! She must owe him in her previous life, so she had to endure his torture again and again in this life. This was an irresponsible man. She had already tasted his hurt, but she was still fooled by him foolishly. She jumped into his gentle trap again, hoping that he would really change because of her. She didn't expect that he would play with her unreasonably again, kick her away after falling in love with her, and let her suffer more pain. It was not until today that she realized his nature!

"I'm sorry!" Colin said in a heavy tone. His heart was heavy and his words were heavy, but his apology was so powerless to Melissa.

Tears welled up in her eyes. Melissa said, "You are too cruel. You will make me hate you more!"

At the door, it seemed that Amy couldn't stand it anymore. Amy glanced at her watch and felt that it was very late. If Colin continued to entangle with Melissa, it would take a lot of time, and she was afraid that Colin would be softhearted in the end. So Amy walked up to him and said, "Why do you talk so much to her? Tell her directly that you have to break up with her for the sake of Ling family's property. You are going to marry Linn soon!"

Amy's words were ruthless and destructive, which made Melissa very shock and r

you anymore!"

Unable to hold back her anger, Melissa waved her hand and slapped him hard in the face. The slap was so loud that it made Colin silent. In shock, Amy pushed Melissa and asked, "What are you doing?"

Although Amy tried her best to protect her brother, Melissa just ignored her. She gritted her teeth and said to Colin coldly, "You let me down! Colin, you really hurt me too much! I'm so blind that I believe you again and again! You owe me this slap! We are never even. I let you owe me for a lifetime, and even for the next life. I let you pay my debt for several lifetimes, and you will also experience the pain of being played and hurt over and over again! "

Colin remained silent. He lowered his head, covered his face and closed his eyes to endure the pain.

After wiping her tears, Melissa turned around and strode away. Before she left, she took off the bracelet in her hand. It was the top-grade bracelet that Colin bought for her in the jewelry store today. The three pieces of bracelets were thrown on the ground heavily. The diamond encrusted flash chain was reflected with a bright light by the beam of light. The exquisite workmanship was perfect, but it was ruthlessly thrown to the ground.

Melissa threw away the things he gave her, left sadly and disappointedly, and ended this ridiculous love!

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