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   Chapter 334 You Let Me Down (Part One)

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"Melissa, let's break up!" Colin said gently.

It seemed that Melissa didn't hear it, or that the whole world was so quiet that she couldn't hear anything. Only the beam of light shone on the three of them, separating them from the darkness and forming a small area. But was the light too bright? It was so dazzling that Melissa couldn't see Colin's face clearly.

She looked at Colin and murmured, "What did you say?"

Sitting next to Melissa, Amy began to laugh. She looked at Melissa sarcastically, thinking that this woman was just a joke. And Amy's goal was achieved. She finally forced Colin to break up with Melissa and force him to go back to America with Jackson as soon as possible.

To be honest, Amy was very jealous of Melissa now. She only had one brother by her side. Why did she let Melissa take him away? Melissa was just his girlfriend. She was not married and had no status. Why did Melissa make Colin sacrifice for her so much? Amy had lost her mother. She didn't want to lose Colin again. She wouldn't let Melissa delay his treatment, nor would she let the disease take his life! Amy rushed here today to see if Colin had completely broken up with Melissa. If not, she would expose the truth. No matter what method she would use, she would let Colin go back to the United States for treatment!

Colin repeated, "Let's break up!"

Still in a daze, Melissa forced a smile and said, "Are you kidding?"

Seeing that her goal was achieved, Amy spread out her hands and said, "You can talk here. I'll go out and wait for you!" Then Amy walked out.

With a sigh, Colin touched Melissa's long hair and said gently, "I'm sorry. We're not meant to be together. Let's break up. I'm not kidding!"

All of a sudden, the light in Melissa's eyes turned cold, like her eyes dyed by darkness. No matter how bright the beam of light was, it couldn't light her eyes. She pushed away Colin's hand and said, "You're not kidding, but your words are more ridiculous than joking!"

Tonight, Melissa felt that something was wrong with Colin, and she had a vague feeling that something would ha

ding ring, and even we are about to get our marriage license. Do these prove that you love me? Are these all fake? Don't you love me at all? Do you just act in play that you are the director and actor at the same time? You just want to deceive me again and hurt me more deeply? "

Colin turned around, wiped her tears and said, "I'm sorry. It's true that I love you, but after careful consideration, we have to break up!"

Holding his hand, Melissa asked, "Since you love me, why did you break up with me?"

Unable to answer, Colin just pursed his lips tightly.

"Say something!" Shouted Melissa!

Colin sighed, "You will live a better life after we break up. Your mother will forgive you, and there will be a man who loves you more. You will have a better future. In short, you will live a good life without me. It was because of me that your life was disturbed. Now I just leave and return your quiet life to you! "

"Why won't my mother forgive me? She has promised me that if I succeed in my career and you treat me well enough, she will agree with us to be together! And how could there be a man who loves me more than you? Don't you treat me well enough? Why don't you have confidence in yourself? I won't live a better life without you and I will live a more painful life without you, because I can't live without you. I only want to be with you all my life, Colin! " Melissa begged.

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