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   Chapter 332 Melissa, Let's Break Up (Part Two)

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Colin stroked her hair and said, "I don't want to make you feel wronged. I haven't done anything for you since we have been together for so long. On the contrary, you have sacrificed a lot for me. I don't have any other ability to compensate you. I can only comfort you in money."

"So you know how hard it is for me to be with you, don't you? You have to be good to me in the future! " Melissa teased.

She had thought that Colin would think of it or nod repeatedly to agree to her, but she didn't expect that he would only sigh helplessly. But she didn't ask more. She just felt that it was a little unexpected.

Then she thought of something interesting and said, "I saw the paparazzi secretly take photos of us several times today in the shopping mall, but I don't know why, but I don't mind at all. I hope the outside world can see our happiness. If others like to gossip and let them gossip, we can be happy by ourselves, or let the people who don't like me envy us. See how good a boyfriend I have found!"

Raising his head, Colin thought for a while and couldn't help teasing her, "I've already thought of tomorrow's headline: The mysterious boyfriend of Melissa appears, and the material girl goes shopping with him crazily!"

With a pout, Melissa said, "Humph! It's okay to worship money. My boyfriend is rich. I'll worship whatever my boyfriend has. Let them be jealous and hateful!"

Seeing her happy face, Colin laughed out again and said, "Will, let go of me first. We'll drive away. Quintin is still waiting for us!"

Then Melissa let go of him and sat back in her seat. She asked in confusion, "Why is Quintin waiting for us?"

But Colin didn't answer. He drove away and stopped at a parking lot. As expected, Quintin was waiting for them in a car. Looking at the car, Melissa wondered why Colin as

ple. They were addicted to alcohol, drug, and dance crazily. In order to seduce the power of the young best actor who was in a corner, Junia kissed him passionately. Melissa saw the nature of a star here, which made her disappointed in the entertainment circle for the first time. And that night, Melissa was stimulated by the performance of director Billy and the big boss, together with Colin...

Even if Colin was her Mr. Right, he changed in the future. Back then, Colin was like a demon to her. His behavior completely destroyed her innocence and made her fall. She couldn't face what happened in the past, nor could she forgive what had happened and the person in the past. All these years, she just chose to forget, as if she didn't have this dirty memory.

The waiter pushed the table and placed the tableware and dishes. There was a big table full of delicacies and candles, making it as luxurious and grand as the meal in the European style imperial palace. However, there were only the two of them here today. Seeing that Colin was getting more and more strange, Melissa was about to ask him, but Colin pulled her to the table and said, "Let's have dinner first. Let's talk about it when we are full."

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