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   Chapter 331 Melissa, Let's Break Up (Part One)

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"There is a special gift for you today. Let's go out together," Said Colin, unwilling to stay at home so that he kept persuading Melissa.

"What gift?" Asked Melissa.

"You will know when you go out with me."

Melissa had to nod, "Okay! I'll go get changed. " In fact, she was more willing to stay at home with Colin. The two of them could chat and watch TV, or she could sit next to him and watch him working. She liked to stay at home all the time, except for shooting and other work. She stayed at home when she was free, and did not participate in any social activities in the entertainment circle. She was really the last female star who wanted to expand her social connections in the entertainment circle. If she was not lucky enough to meet the two people who was willing to help her, Colin and Eric, it was really difficult to believe that Melissa would become famous in the entertainment circle. However, she was born with good luck and acting skill in this respect. She was able to be famous, and she would be famous in any way.

But since Colin said he would give her a special gift, she would go out with him. After Melissa changed her clothes, Colin urged her to go out without letting her put on makeup. Melissa was not used to it. She always wore light make-up when she went out. Perhaps it was for her career. Colin persuaded her, "You look good without makeup. You are not ugly. Why do you wear makeup? Let's go!"

Melissa still struggled. "I'm afraid of being photographed by the media!" Stars would be followed by paparazzi when they went out in public. She was a celebrity and had been photographed a lot secretly. It wouldn't be good if she was photographed in ugly pictures. Stars were all very proud. Perhaps it was because of her professional habit, and Melissa also paid attention to her own image.

Colin kissed her and said, "Only ugly stars do make-up all the time. Even if you don't dress well, you are more beautiful than others! It's so fresh! "

When Melissa saw him insist, his eyes lit up, as if she was the most beautiful woman in his eyes. She had to agree, "Okay!" Then she went out with him. When they got in the car, the more Melissa thou

e said that I don't deserve such high-end things. There are a lot of luxury clothes at home, and I don't dare to wear them when I went out. I also wear convenient clothes when I Film, so it's a waste to put them away. "

"Then you can always wear it in the future!"

"Even if I wear them, I can't wear them all. And this car of things. Are you going to buy the whole shopping mall? I can't wear them all in a year. "

Colin smiled and said, "Why do you think these are too much? The young playboys I know have a girlfriend. They spend a lot of money. They go shopping for two or three days every month and if they don't go, their girlfriend has to make trouble! You've been with me for so long, but you haven't come out and go shopping with me yet, have you? "

Leaning against his shoulder, Melissa said, "That's someone else. I'm different from others. I just want to be with you."

From the bottom of her heart, Melissa didn't care about Colin's background or money when she was with him, so she never asked him to buy her anything valuable, nor did she ask him to go shopping with her many times. On the contrary, what Colin did today made her feel strange, as if the end of the world was approaching and he was trying his best to be good to her. He bought too many things for her today. Although she was happy, she didn't want him to spend so much money. He didn't need to use money to move her, and what she needed more was his love for her.

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