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   Chapter 330 I Will Tell Her The Truth (Part Two)

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"He and I... I just told him that we could continue to be friends last week. "

Before Melissa could explain, Colin's phone rang again. He looked at it for a while and then hung up with a frown.

"Don't you want to answer the phone?" Asked Melissa.

"Leave her alone!" Colin said coldly, and then entered the elevator with Melissa.

The more Melissa thought about it, the more suspicious she became. She didn't know whether the call was from Linn or Amy, but why the two of them were looking for Colin, and he hadn't answered it yet. But no matter what she asked, Colin didn't explain. She was helpless.

After returning home, Colin looked a little different. He turned around, held on to the shoulders of Melissa and said, "I'll serve you well today!"

"What do you want?" Asked Melissa warily.

With a gentle look on his face, Colin smoothed her hair and said, "You take a shower first. We're going shopping. I haven't bought you anything for a long time. Today we'll go shopping and have dinner together."

Melissa was confused, "Is it a special day today?"

"No. you go to take a shower first." Colin pushed her to change her clothes and take a shower, and she couldn't refuse, so she had to do as he asked.

Seeing that Melissa went into the bathroom, Colin stood in the living room in silence, with his hands in his trouser pockets, staring at the ground, and suddenly closed his eyes deeply.

He must make a clean break with her today, or else it would be worse if Amy came here to make trouble, and let Melissa know about it. Since Amy had knew his matter and she just experienced the pain of losing her mother, she was the only one who was closest to him in Ling family. So it was a

He just wanted her to be happy first. As for him, if he really died, just died.

Seeing that Colin didn't answer, Amy said coldly, "I'm going to see you now!"

Colin said in a tough tone, "What are you doing here? What can you do if you come?"

"I'll tell her the truth. I can't bear to see you think so much for her. I'm jealous of her because you protect her so much. I hate her for taking my brother's life away!"

"You are just messing around. Don't come over!"

"I'm already coming!" Amy said coldly and didn't give Colin any chances to refuse. "I was driving on the way to her home."

When Melissa came out of the bathroom, she asked, "Who are you talking to? Why are you so excited?"

After saying a few words to Amy, Colin hung up the phone and said to Melissa, "Nothing. Have you washed yourself? Change your clothes quickly and let's go out!"

However, Melissa came over and wrapped her arms around his neck. She smiled and said, "In fact, I think it's better to stay at home. I just came back from the shooting and don't want to go out. I'm satisfied to have you at home with me. I don't need to buy anything!"

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