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   Chapter 292 We Will Grow Old And Die Together (Part One)

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Hearing what Colin said, Melissa was a little hesitant. Indeed, it was because of her that the whole crew came to this place to shoot. It would take a day to drive to the nearest County in the remote mountain area. Moreover, it was a mountain road, and the path was rugged and dangerous. It was very difficult for the film crew to bring so many things in, and even if the people in the mountain area provided them the best accommodation, it couldn't compare with condition in the city. There was no air-conditioning or good accommodation, and there were many mosquitoes in summer. Many people in the film crew couldn't bear such an environment, so director Bain hoped that the battle could be finished as soon as possible and that the movie shooting of the supported education in the mountain area could be finished in five days. Then they would go back.

But now it was only the first day she came to work, and she left immediately. The crew had to wait for her here, so everyone must be very unhappy. The last thing Melissa wanted to do was to bother others. She wouldn't let them wait for so long or cause them so much trouble because of her private things unless she had to. Therefore, after hearing what Colin said, she flinched a little. She couldn't go back so easily even if she wanted to.

Seeing that Melissa was silent and seemed to have some misgivings, Colin patted her on the shoulder and said, "Well, don't think too much. Drink the ginger soup quickly! I don't want you to catch a cold! "

Melissa had no choice but to take the soup and drink it. The soup was very hot and bitter, and it was very spicy. The taste of ginger was so strong that she kept frowning. After she finished drinking, Colin gave her another piece of chocolate and said, "Eat it. It's good for spicy! The headmaster is nice to everyone. He knew that many people got wet in the rain, so he cooked all the ginger in his house. The cooking is original, very real. "

"The people in the mountain are all very honest!" Thinking of what she had suggested to Colin before, Melissa raised her head and said, "Did you see the children holding a welcome ceremony for us today? Many of them didn't wear shoes. They only

Grandpa told Melissa what happened last night and said, "Come back quickly. I thought you had come back, but why are you still in there?" Melissa's grandma also cried beside the phone.

Realizing the seriousness of the problem, Melissa immediately said, "Grandpa, I'll be right back. Ask the doctor to treat my father. I'll be right back!"

After hanging up the phone, Melissa felt depressed. She finally knew why she had been restless this night. She often dreamed of her father. It turned out that her father had called her and hoped her to go back, so she dreamed of the scene in the University.

She had been used to her father's illness. She had thought that nothing would happen to him. Although his condition was good and bad from time to time, it would still be good after treatment. Because he had been like this for 6 years, and she didn't worry too much. But one day, she suddenly received a news that her father was dying. She couldn't believe it and couldn't accept it.

Thinking of how good her father had been to her when she was a child, and how she had let him down all these years, she had always made him angry. Half of his illness was caused by what she had done that made her father anger, so she was very sad. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she muttered, "I'm really unfilial... I'm so unfilial... " Then she cried out. She ran to the place where Colin lived, pulled him up and told him the situation, hoping him to go back with her.

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