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   Chapter 268 Do You Love Him So Much (Part One)

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Melissa thought her mother wouldn't answer the phone, but she still answered it. Her mother didn't take the initiative to speak, but waited quietly.

After hesitating for a while, Melissa asked, "Mom, is dad all right?"

Melissa thought her mother would be angry or rebuke her loudly, but her mother was unusually calm. She just said, "Whether he is good or not, what can you do?"

"Mom, I'm sorry..." The only thing Melissa could do was to apologize. She held the phone tightly and felt very guilty. In fact, she really hoped that her mother would scold her. Maybe she would be better, but her mother didn't.

Jenny said in a tired and disappointed voice, "Melissa, if you really love your father, you shouldn't have made you father so angry with you. You know he is in poor health, but why do you still do that? No matter how much you love Colin, we have given birth to you and raised you for more than twenty years. Is the love between your parents less than your love for Colin? "

There was a moment of silence. Melissa didn't know where to put her hand, so she held the phone tightly and said, "Mom, I'm really sorry for you. But I really don't want to be separated from Colin. Why can't I have both? Colin is not as bad as you think. Why don't you accept him? Even if he has done something, he has been improved. Why can't you give him a chance? "

"Melissa, I don't want to argue with you. I've been exhausted because of you and your father's illness. I don't want to give up on you. You are my only daughter, but your father is also my husband. We have been together for so many years. Have you ever experienced how much effort we have put into you? And it's indeed your fault. You are too impulsive and blind. It really disappoints me that you hurt your parents' hearts for an unworthy man. I picked up your phone today just to hear you apologize. If you can't, don't call me again. I would rather not have a daughter like you! "

"Mom, do you really give up on me? I

be the wife of our boss in the future?"

After a short pause, Melissa suddenly thought of Linn. She bowed her head and sighed, "Let's talk about it later." After a pause, Melissa asked, "What did the insiders say when I didn't come to the company these days?"

"Well, there are always a lot of entertainment gossips. I think you should be careful of Junia. In the end, her team might be the one who plotted against you. And you probably haven't paid attention to it. Recently, your backstage news has been popular online."

"Haven't I always been said like this?"

"It's not that simple this time. You know that the backstage can support a person and it also can kill one. Just depend on how to hype it. Anyway, you are likely to compete for the position of the first actress with Junia now, and she takes you as a thorn in her flesh. "

Melissa lowered her head to check her schedule and took out her phone to record what she was going to do recently. She didn't answer Anna's question.

Anna asked, "Did Junia do anything to you in the modern crew of One Family?"

Finally, Melissa put down her schedule and raised her head. "She and I shot separately. It's not the time to meet each other yet. As long as she is not as shrewish as Sophia, no matter how scheming she is, I don't think it's so troublesome!"

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