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   Chapter 265 (Part Two)

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Fannie also came. She was the only one among the four ladies who came. As soon as she appeared, everyone gave way to her. Like a queen, she came on the stage with her secretary and two male subordinates. She glanced around and her face darkened when she saw Melissa.

Melissa was a little afraid of Mrs. Fannie, especially after Mrs. Fannie forced Colin to get engaged to Linn and made Linn say those words to her parents. Melissa felt that she was in a much weaker position and lacked confidence in front of Mrs. Fannie, so she was very flustered and didn't know what to do when she saw Mrs. Fannie today.

Seeing through what was on Melissa's mind, Colin came over and held her hand to fight against his mother, as if he would never separate them in any case. This was a provocation to Mrs. Fannie, but Colin was very calm and unruly. Seeing this, Melissa suddenly felt that there was no need to be afraid of Mrs. Fannie. Mrs. Fannie broke them apart and even used dirty means to get Colin and Linn engaged. Melissa didn't have to feel that she had no stand, so she wasn't so afraid.

Mrs. Fannie glanced at the two of them, but she didn't lose her temper in front of everyone. Besides, it was not a good thing to scold her son at the door of the operating room of second aunt, so she restrained her temper and didn't pursue the matter of Colin and Melissa. She turned to Amy Ling and ask, "How is Alice now?"

After being told what had happened by Amy Ling, Mrs. Fannie hugged her and comforted, "Poor girl, don't worry. We will try our best to save your mother."

Seeing that, Melissa didn't think that Mrs. Fannie was not so cold. At least, she wasn't so cold to Amy Ling. Perhaps it was because she had to be the head of the family, or she had a good relationship with second aunt, so she was so kind to Amy Ling.

They waited outside for a while, but Mrs. Fannie didn't leave or even stood there all the time. Melissa was also very serious and even a little anxious. Amy Ling cried in the arms of an elder.

Colin and Melissa were sitting on the bench, and no one spoke. And so was Colin. Sitting next to him, Melissa had no idea what he was thinking, but it seemed that he was in a daze or sad.

Then, Colin suddenly stood up. Melissa looked up at him, not kn

couldn't walk anymore. Melissa was also surprised and sad. She didn't expect that his aunt had died.

Colin ran up and shouted, "Aunt!"

On the verge of breaking down, Amy Ling kept crying on the cart, pulling the woman to call her mom. People around her kept crying, but they just came to her and persuaded her. It was rare for a cold woman like Mrs. Fannie to have tears in her eyes. She couldn't help but cover her mouth and cry after she couldn't comfort Amy Ling.

Colin went up and immediately lifted the cloth covering his aunt's head. When he saw her pale face, his face became even paler. He took a step back, and suddenly the sky and earth spun, his body swaying and about to fall.

The people around shouted in surprise, and even Mrs. Fannie's face turned pale. Everyone hurried up to hold Colin, and so did Melissa. Melissa held his waist and helped him to the corner.

With one arm propped against the wall, Colin closed his eyes to stabilize himself. Melissa asked worriedly, "Colin, what's wrong with you?"

Colin closed his eyes and frowned, without saying anything. When the dizziness disappeared, he said in a low voice, "I'm fine……" "I'm fine……"

Aunt had been pushed away. Naturally, Amy Ling and the others followed her, crying. Colin turned his head to look at his aunt's receding car. His eyes were filled with grief, anxiety, uneasiness, and bewilderment. His face had been deathly pale. But Melissa had never seen Colin behave like this. She didn't know what was wrong with him.

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