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   Chapter 264 (Part One)

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When Melissa and Colin arrived at the hospital together, Amy Ling who was Colin's cousin and the daughter of Colin's second aunt, was already waiting at the door. As soon as Amy saw Colin, she cried and said, "Brother, you're finally here!"

Colin's second aunt had married Chinese American a long time ago, but unfortunately they divorced. Later, his aunt only brought one daughter to live without remarriage, and her daughter had changed her surname. As for Colin, he had lived in their house since he was a child, so he had a very good relationship with his cousin, Amy Ling. Amy Ling never called him "cousin", but called him "brother". His second aunt also treated him as her son.

This time, when Amy Ling saw Colin, she was very lonely and excited. In addition to her mother, she treated him as her closest person. Therefore, when she saw Colin, she cried and rushed up to him and hugged him. "Brother, I don't know if my mother can stay through tonight!"

With a serious expression, Colin patted his cousin and said, "I'll go in and have a look."

Melissa stood aside Colin. It was the first time that Amy Ling had seen Melissa, and Amy Ling was shocked. It was the first time for Amy Ling to see Melissa. She and her mother didn't come back until Gilbert was about to die, so she didn't see the scene that Colin took Melissa's hand to the Ling family. This time, she thought she had seen Avril, so she was shocked.

Later, when Colin introduced Melissa to her, she knew that Melissa was not Avril. But she still sighed that there was such a person like Avril in the world, and she had been looking at Melissa up and down with surprise.

While Melissa just nodded at her with a smile, but she felt a little bitter in her heart. Because she could not avoid the Ling family to take her as Avril. Melissa was very distressed why she had the same face as Avril.

But since they was in a hurry to see Colin's aunt, Amy Ling didn't have time to waste on Melissa. They strode into the hospital.

The second aunt was still doing the surgery, and there were few people gathered outside the door. Colin glanced at them, but he found that there were only some uni

ation, so the Ling family had been very strict with the birth control. In your generation, there was no child to have it. But Alice……" "I didn't expect that she would get it in her middle age."

"Is there no other way?" "The modern medical skills are so advanced." Colin was a little nervous and held the arms of his third uncle tightly.

The third uncle still shook his head. "It depends on luck. If there is really a way, Alice won't be lying in the operating room."

"Yes, it's too late. Her illness came too suddenly." Colin still wanted to fight for it.

But the third uncle said, "Colin, this kind of disease is really terrible!"

All of a sudden, Colin loosened his grip in frustration and stopped asking. He just closed his lips tightly, looking sad and serious.

Hearing that, Amy Ling was even sadder. She kept crying and calling her mother.

So Melissa had to give Amy Ling a gentle hug to comfort her. She took a look at Colin and found that he didn't look well. He looked pale and sad. Although Melissa knew that Colin was very sad, she held Amy Ling in her arms. So she could only give him an encouraging look.

Later, some people of the Ling family came, but they didn't know them and seemed to be unimportant people. For example, Caleb, the brother of the direct descendant of the Ling family didn't come. Probably they were people who didn't fight for power and profit and had a good relationship with Alice Ling.

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