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   Chapter 260 I Just Want You To Be Happy (Part Two)

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Standing alone in the middle, no one helped her. Melissa could only clench her fists. Later, when she left the set and removed her makeup, she stared at the mirror for a long time, wondering if she had any acting skills.

She had participated in all kinds of performances since she was a child, and had always been regarded as a little star in her class. Later, when she went to high school, her dance teacher said that she had talent in acting and suggested her to major in acting. Since Melissa loved acting very much, she and her parents tried to get her into the film academy. The Harold Film Academy was also a famous university in the country. At that time, she was ranked first in all aspects of comprehensive quality, and her grades were also very excellent in the University, maintaining the top three. All the tutors thought highly of her, especially when she was only in her sophomore year and played the leading role of The Empress Woman with Sophia, Eric and other popular stars. As soon as she started, she became the leading role, and the scene was not small, so everyone was more optimistic about her future. But she stumbled so far today, director Billy even doubted that she didn't know how to act.

She had always been a little proud, thinking that no matter what happened, she would not have no acting skill. However, she was a new comer now and might be a little naive in all aspects. But in time, the rough jade would definitely be carved into a great jade, and she would definitely be greatly glorious.

However, today she lost her confidence because of director Billy's words. If it was an ordinary director, she could ignore it. But that person was director Billy, who had made countless awards movies, cooperated with a lot of famous stars, and was internationally famous. Director Billy said that she didn't have any acting skills. Even if she wanted to deceive herself, it was impossible.

"Am I really not good at acting?" Melissa asked herself and suddenly wanted to cry. She had never thought that she was a loser like today. She couldn't handle her parents well, nor did she have confidence in love. She was even frustrated in work. She couldn't do anything well, and everything was not going well. She didn't know why she was in such a bad situation.

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d of the character, and treat yourself as her. Naturally, you should act like her at that time, so that you can meet the requirements. Anyway, you can't act like you are acting in a TV play, but you have to interpret the characters in a new way. If you can perform the most closely to the original ecology, you will be successful! "

"The most natural performance..." Melissa muttered, "No wonder director Billy always said that I was too exaggerated and not reserved..."

"In fact, director Billy is a good director. Although he has a bad temper, he has a pure pursuit of art. You can ask him more when you have time. He will be enthusiastic about guiding you. And your acting skills are very good, but now what you lack is training. As long as you act a few more movies and feel it with your heart, you will find the secret. I believe you will succeed! "

After a moment's silence, Melissa suddenly had a feeling of enlightenment. She stared at Eric in a daze and said gratefully, "Eric, I... I really don't know how to thank you. Thank you for your words that make me be suddenly enlightened. It seems that I have to see your works more. You are really my another teacher. "

"It's okay. I'm glad to help you. After all, I'm glad to see you succeed."

It was rare for Melissa to put on a smile. In her heart, she was really grateful to Eric, thinking that he was really a necessary confidant in her life.

And Eric also smiled at her. He was relieved to see her smile. All he did was that he just wanted her to be happy.

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