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   Chapter 259 I Just Want You To Be Happy (Part One)

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Because too many things had happened today and Melissa was not in a good mood, in addition to shooting, the company's activities, advertising activities and other things were cancelled by her. She went back home after shooting a few unimportant scenes in the crew.

She didn't seem to have done anything today, but she was still very tired when she returned home. She took off her shoes and half-lay on the sofa, thinking about what had happened today. Her parents looked at her resolutely, her father beat her with a crutch, and her mother forced her to leave. But to her surprise, Colin was engaged to Linn. Although she knew that it might be a trick played by Mrs. Fannie and Linn, she was still very sad.

Why did Colin get engaged to another woman? What should she do in the future?

The thought of this made her heart ache and annoyed. Melissa lay on the sofa for more than an hour, got up and took a shower. Then she continued to sit on the sofa, watching TV blankly, waiting for Colin.

She turned the TV around and didn't know what she was watching. At last, she saw that a TV station was broadcasting entertainment news, so she watched it. She didn't expect that it was all about the gossip between her and Eric. It was not only about the rekindling of their relationship, but also that Eric had met her parents in private. What's more, they had also posted a few photos taken secretly by the paparazzi and an interview at the opening ceremony of Eric's company. Of course, no clear answer was given by Eric.

Melissa thought it was ridiculous that these entertainment reporters were so groundless that even a little thing could be spread like this. And she almost had a conflict with Colin for this matter.

After adjusting the TV play, Melissa finally decided to watch the performance of actors and actresses in Hongkong on TVB. However, after watching it, she fell asleep and Colin didn't come back all the time.

When Melissa woke up in the middle of the night, she found that the night was so cold that she felt cold. The light in her house was still on, and the TV was always on. However, the TVB drama had already finished, and the midnight Peking opera was on.

She looked at her phone. It was

tood up and said, "I won't shoot anymore. Is this an actor or not? You can't even play such a little expression well. What else can you take? "

With a guilty conscience, Melissa walked up to director Billy and said, "Director Billy, please give me one more chance. I will definitely perform well and pass this time!"

Director Billy looked at her angrily. He pointed at the sun above his finger and said, "What are we going to shoot? Look at the sun. I have gave you so many chances. It's been almost an hour since the filming started. Let's come back early tomorrow morning! "

Before Melissa could say anything more, director Billy left angrily and ordered the staff, "Prepare for the next scene, the next scene!"

At this time, all the people in the crew had come. Several big shots were sitting on the film set, wearing sunglasses and crossing their legs, looking on coldly, as if they were disdaining to care about the world. The other staff in the crew disliked Melissa and thought she had wasted everyone's time this morning. She made everyone to repeat their work over and over again, especially the actor who was acting the "brother" with Melissa, and he even ignored her. He thought it was really unlucky and troublesome to work with her!

Sophia was even more direct. She deliberately walked past Melissa and said in a cold voice, "Humph! You don't even know how to shoot a movie, but you want to come in through the back door to shoot a movie. What a shame!"

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