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   Chapter 249 (Part Two)

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Jenny stared at her for a while. Seeing that she looked calm and natural, she finally stopped questioning with doubt. Jenny gently held her hand, patted the back of her hand and said, "Melissa, I don't mean to be harsh on you. It's just that you and Colin really don't fit each other. Think about it, which matter have your parents been so determined on from your childhood?" Even if you wanted to enter the entertainment when you were 18 years old, we finally agreed, but there was no room for negotiation on this matter. We are really for your own good. You and Colin are not suitable for each other. Not to mention his personality, his huge family is something you can't bear. If you really wanted to find a man, it would be as good as Eric! I think Eric has a good family background, appearance, knowledge and cultivation. No one around you can compare with him, right? "And he cares about you very much. You are very likely to develop. Don't miss such a good man!"

Melissa nodded her head and explained, "Mom, I refused Eric not because I still want to see Colin, but because……" "I might not be able to be with him again."

"What can't you be together again?"

Then Melissa determined to confess to her mother and said, "I used to……" "I dated with Eric and broke up with him after a few days."

Her mother was surprised, confused and frowned.

Seeing her mother like this, Melissa knew that her mother really didn't know about it. Although the matter between her and Eric was quite sensational, it was still a very secluded thing for her parents who didn't watch entertainment gossip news. Moreover, her father was seriously ill at that time, and her mother was worried every day, so she had no time to pay attention to these gossips.

Melissa continued, "We only dated for two or three

ally nodded. "Oh, it's him. I remember that you used to watch his TV series." The actor was good. He was an upright young man according to Chinese art. I didn't expect him to have such a good family background. "As a matter of fact, I should have met his father before. He is also a big shot in the business world."

"He is a good man, let alone his background." Jenny laughed and kept praising Eric. Paul also recalled the scene that he saw Eric's father on a certain occasion many years ago.

Seeing that they were talking so excitedly, Melissa took up the kettle and went outside to open the water. At the same time, she called Eric.

"Hello, is that Eric?"

"Well, Melissa……" "Lu, ask them to buy some green plants for this office area." Eric answered while talking to his assistant.

"Are you busy now?"

"No, I'm not very busy." Eric immediately denied, "They decorated the office and I come here to have a look. If you have anything to say, just tell me." As he spoke, he seemed to walk to a quiet place and answer Melissa's the phone carefully.

Melissa said, "I'm really sorry for what happened today. My mother……" "Alas, anyway, you have caused you trouble. I'm really sorry!"

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