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   Chapter 246 (Part Two)

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All the reporters were shocked, so they gathered around to ask Melissa about that Eric was going to open a company, trying to dig out some shocking information from Melissa. This made Melissa a little confused, but she realized that something was wrong, so she didn't dare to say anything more.

But just because of this sentence, after the opening ceremony, Melissa was scolded by Zack, "You really can't speak! You're a smart girl. Why don't you know how to hide yourself from the reporters? Can other stars' information be easily exposed? "

Melissa confused, "Isn't the news that Eric opens a company spread in the circle?"

"Yes, it has been spread. But have you seen any explanation on the newspaper? No, it means that everyone knows about it, but because it involves all kinds of interests, such as the interests of Hua Company, no one says anything. Now that you say it out, the media will have the opportunity to use your mouth to publicize it. You will offend the later people! "

What Zack said made Melissa still have a lingering fear. It was the first time that she knew the power of saying out of the mouth of trouble. In fact, 5 years ago, when she just entered this circle, the company had also done a lot of training for her, such as how to deal with the media reporters, what to say and what not to say, and how to pass the buck without leaving any trace. She was very good at that time, but because of her disappearing for 5 years, she forgot it. When she reappeared, the company did not pay attention to this matter and did not train her again so that she didn't notice that.

It could only be said that this circle was really sinister. She couldn't talk nonsense when she was a star. It was good for her to run into Eric this time, because Eric wouldn't take revenge on her, but it would be difficult to say if she met other stars next time.

After the

around and looked at the two men. But when she saw them, she was shocked. She pointed at a young boy who looked like a college student and said, "It's you. Aren't you the assistant of Eric?"

The boy's face turned from shock to embarrassment when he saw Melissa. Then he lowered his head and murmured, "Well... It's... it's me. I didn't expect to see you, and I didn't expect that this lady is your mother. Well, I'm sorry! "

"Then what's going on? So the person who hit my mother was Eric? " Melissa was even more surprised.

"Our boss didn't escape his responsibility!" The assistant explained at once, as if he was afraid that Melissa would blame Eric, "But we were in the downtown just now. There were too many people, so it was inconvenient for our boss to get out of the car. But our boss immediately sent us out to send Mrs. Jenny to the hospital and asked us to take care of her all the time. Wait for him here. He will be right here..."

Before he could finish his words, the lawyer next to him reminded him, "Mr. Eric is here!"

The assistant looked up and said happily, "Look, our boss is here!"

As Melissa looked up, she saw Eric, dressed in casual clothes, with a hat and sunglasses, striding towards her, armed to the teeth.

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