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   Chapter 245 (Part One)

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After hugging Melissa for a while, Colin suddenly called her, "Melissa..."

"What?" Lying in his arms, Melissa answered sulkily.

Colin held her hand and said, "I've thought it over. We'd better not have a baby now. Last time... I'm sorry. If possible, you can take contraceptives for the time being! "

Melissa slowly raised her head and looked at him for a while. She found that he was struggling and worried in his eyes like last time on the seaside again. Even if he had tried his best to hide it, it was still hard to hide it, because it was too obvious.

Colin said softly, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have treated you like that. I'm really a bastard!"

Looking at him quietly, Melissa suddenly asked, "Do you have something on your mind, Colin?"

Colin shook his head, "Nothing."

Instead of forcing him, Melissa slowly leaned back into his arms like a kitten and slowly persuaded, "We've reached this point. What else can't you say to me? Don't hide anything from me! Otherwise, I will be sadder if I know it. "

Colin kept silent for a while and finally answered, " In fact... Yes, I have something to tell you, but it doesn't matter. I will tell you when the time comes. "

"Is it really not important?" Melissa drew circles in his arms.

After a short silence, Colin answered, "It really doesn't matter."

"Then be happy!" Melissa complained in a soft voice, acting like a spoiled child.

Colin finally smiled. He suddenly held her tighter and tickled her, "You're really annoying. You care so much about your man's affairs!"

While dodging him, Melissa noticed that his expression had become relaxed. She was relieved. From now on, they didn't mention marriage and children anymore, as if they had forgotten it.

Melissa also knew that it was not appropriate for them to get married and have children in their current situation. She was afraid that it would be more troublesome. Although Gilbert had said that he would support her and Colin be together, Gilbert didn't really take any actions to support them. Moreover, Gilbert didn't in charge anymore. It was Mrs. Fannie who was in charge. If Mrs. Fannie really didn't like her and wanted to

ophia made more troubles than Anna, but she also had the ability to be more arrogant than Anna. Anna was self-willed, but she was stupid. On the other hand, Sophia was different. Although she was arrogant and willful, she had some means. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been in such a high position and the Ling Group would still be willing to support her.

It was for the sake of the Ling Group that Billy asked her to act the female supporting role in the play. After all, the Ling Group was the biggest investor of the movie. So it meant that Sophia had some means. For this kind of person, Melissa thought it was better to stay as far away from Sophia as possible. She couldn't offend Sophia or become friends with Sophia. Unlike Anna, Anna could still be an ally for a period of time when it was appropriate.

A reporter on the spot asked director Billy about his intention to find Eric to act the third younger brother. Director Billy admitted frankly, but he just said that Eric's schedule was not suitable, so they had to miss it. Director Billy didn't tell the truth.

The reporters asked director Billy, and of course they turned to ask about Melissa, because she had just reconciled with Eric. When Melissa was asked if she had anything to do with Eric's refusal to act, she also prevaricated with director Billy's words, "He... His schedule is not suitable, and he is preparing for his own company recently, so he may not have time. "

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