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   Chapter 244 Your Father Loves You (Part Two)

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 5533

Updated: 2020-05-13 00:04

Galeb didn't care about the condition of Gilbert after Gilbert woke up. Instead, he cared about what Gilbert had told to Colin. Because it was about the distribution of property, and these people cared more than their lives, but no one asked about the condition of Gilbert.

Seeing the look of Ling family's members, Melissa was a little disappointed. It was indeed a place where family affection was cold, so she hoped that the person she loved would not be like these people. That was why she said those words of expectation to Colin just now.

Colin looked at Caleb with mockery, "Shouldn't you care about Gilbert first?"

Embarrassed, Caleb lowered his head and coughed. Then he mumbled, "Isn't the doctor still at the door? It means that there is nothing wrong with my brother's condition, or the doctor would have been rushed in. " After a pause, Caleb opened his eyes wide and asked Colin, "What did my brother say to you?

"Since you think that Gilbert is still in good health, why don't you ask him yourself?" Colin's eyes slowly swept across the crowd again, "And these people present, if you want to know something, you can ask Gilbert yourselves. Don't you feel ashamed to ask about the will in front of a critically ill old man's ward?"

"How can you say that? What do you think we are?" However, Caleb didn't get the answer. He was a little irritable and immediately pointed at Colin and cursed Colin.

Colin sneered, "Do you really want to hear it from me?"

"What did my brother say?" Caleb asked again.

With a sneer, Colin said, "Are you shocked that my father agreed to let me be with Melissa? Do you want to hear that? "

d he force Avril and I to be so sad? "

"Then why didn't your grandfather agree to let them be together at that time? It was also a matter of one word. It must not be only about dignity, there must be other reasons. So your father was also trapped in the situation of your grandfather back then. He told you as a person who had experienced something, that you and Avril really couldn't be together. So... He didn't object when I was with you, did he? Your father still loves you! "

"I don't want to hear you talk about it." Colin refused to be persuaded.

Melissa knew that Colin still didn't like family affection. After all, he had been independent for so many years and had developed a habit. He couldn't accept that someone suddenly told him that his father loved him.

Slowly leaning against his chest, Melissa said, "I hope... The man I love is not only loyal to our marriage and family, but also a man with family affection and emotion. Otherwise, how should we educate our baby when we have a baby in the future? "

"My baby..." Colin murmured, his eyes falling into melancholy again.

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