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   Chapter 243 Your Father Loves You (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-05-12 00:24

"What did you say?" Colin still didn't understand what Gilbert meant and Colin was surprised by his words.

Gilbert said that he would not object to Colin's being with Melissa, even if Melissa looked like Avril so much? And Gilbert was so opposed to Colin's being with Avril, because the two of them incest. But why did Gilbert suddenly become so tolerant in front of Melissa? Wasn't it a shadow in Gilbert's heart that Melissa looked like Avril? How could Gilbert tolerate the things that Fannie couldn't tolerate?

Moreover, Gilbert said that he had married many women. Those women were so similar, especially Colin mother. Could it be that Gilbert had a hidden lover in his heart, and the so-called infatuation was all for her?

Colin was shocked and confused when he heard the news, let alone why Gilbert told him this.

Gilbert said, "You hate me so much probably because of what happened to Avril. I risked my life for the woman and even resisted my father's pressure. But what happened in the end? It was still a tragedy. Maybe we shouldn't have been together from the very beginning. Why did the two people who were not suitable fight desperately for it? And it was not until I was old that I realized that there was something that I couldn't resist. Resistance was just a mistake, and at the same time, I understood my father's painstaking efforts. "

"Are you trying to persuade me?" Colin frowned and asked uncertainly. Looking at his father lying on the bed, Colin suddenly felt that he had never seen through the old man, but he disdained Gilbert's words. He mocked, "Are you begging for my forgiveness? Do you want to use a few words to make me forgive you?"

Looking at the ceiling for a while, Gilbert murmured, "a

ng. You can't thank them for anything, but you have to thank them for giving birth to you and raising you."

Colin kept silent for a while and said indifferently, "Let's talk about it then."

Melissa said with emotion again. "Colin, I believe you are not an indifferent and emotionless person. You won't let me down."

Colin didn't say anything. He lowered his head and kept silent for a while. He held the hand of Melissa and said, "I don't want to talk about it. Let's leave this place first!"

"Okay!" Seeing that he was a little upset, Melissa didn't say anything more. She followed him silently and walked into the bamboo forest in the corridor of the ward. As expected, the group of people from Ling family were about to make a move. When they saw the two of them come out, they were one hundred times more energetic. They observed the expressions of Colin and Melissa, trying to see what Gilbert and Colin were talking about on their faces.

How ironic it was! In particular, when Colin's uncle, Caleb, saw that the two of them did not reveal any information, Caleb could not help but rush forward and ask, "What did my brother say to you?"

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