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   Chapter 241 You Are Just Like Me (Part One)

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Colin couldn't understand what Gilbert said and frowned. Because he seldom heard Gilbert mention anything about him, let alone such an ambiguous sentence.

Did he look like Gilbert the most?

Colin knew nothing about this old man who could almost be his grandfather.

From the moment Colin was born, he knew that he was different from others. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. At that time, his mother was already the legal wife, and she was very favored and trusted by Gilbert. She had begun to interfere in the internal affairs of the Ling Group and manage a lot of affairs for Gilbert. Her status could be imagined.

Colin was born in the most glorious time of his mother, so he was naturally spoiled by Gilbert. When he was born, he received a reward of 300 million dollars from Gilbert, which was allocated to the law firm specially established for him. He could take over the money when he grew up, which was the unique treatment among all the sons of Gilbert.

Everyone said that Colin was destiny to be rich, and his brothers and sisters were jealous of him. But in such a day when everyone was envious, jealous and fawning Colin, he deeply understood that his situation was very different from others, and his parents were different from others. The difference was not only about money, but also the huge identity, age gap, and the shameful past of his mother sucked up the high position and kicking down the three ladies by all means.

Perhaps no one dared to mention it in front of him, but it would always be discussed in private. As time went by, he heard it. There were also servants who did not dare to talk about it, but his classmates and other wealthy children dared to talk about it. Gradually, he realized this situation. What else did he have except being richer than others?

His mother's family background was not good, and her means were not good. His father was dissolute

with anger.

At that time, the relationship between Fannie and Gilbert had undergone a subtle change. Although Gilbert hated Colin, he also began to reject Fannie. Gilbert didn't trust Fannie since then. But at that time, Fannie had been in power, and Gilbert had been seriously ill every two or three days. Gilbert had no ability to deal with this woman, so he could only make do with it for the rest of his life.

It was also at that time that Colin found that Fannie didn't care about him so much anymore. She often ignored him. He seldom went home, but even if he went back, Fannie just ignored him. She didn't care about what he was doing outside. She didn't care about whether he was alive or dead.

Then, in Colin's disdain, Fannie was such a woman. What she wanted was only the power of Gilbert. Since she had got it, she didn't care about anything, including her husband and son.

So Colin was more indulgent. He had been addicted to drugs, but he was a little rational at that time. He knew that he couldn't touch it, so he stopped as soon as he was curious about it. However, if he continued to develop like that, he might lose his sanity, and then he would be completely helpless. But at this moment, the savior of his life appeared -- that person was Avril!

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