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   Chapter 240 (Part Two)

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Unable to see the expression on Fannie's face, Melissa only knew that she was staring at them and her figure was very dim. But the more she looked like this, the more nervous she was, and the more confused she was about Fannie's thoughts. Just like there was a trap in front of her, you had to go through it even though you knew it was a trap, and then you fell down without knowing when you took a wrong step.

It was not until she walked up the short stairs with Colin to the corridor outside the ward that she withdrew her gaze. At this time, Melissa heard a faint sigh from Fannie. Mixed with the night, the sigh was filled with inexplicably sad and helpless.

She followed Colin and took a turn along the corridor to the door of the ward. Larry Liu went to report and said to the people inside, "Boss, Colin is here, but……" Larry Liu looked back at Melissa and said in a low voice, "But Melissa is also here. Do you want to see, boss?"

The people inside were silent. All of a sudden, the atmosphere was depressing. Although she didn't see Colin's father, and there was even a wall between them, Melissa felt that the atmosphere was depressing. There was an invisible hand pressing her heart.

Melissa felt that Colin's hand holding her hand tightened. When she raised her head, she saw that Colin lowered his head and gave her a comforting look. Then he continued to look straight ahead, calm and composed. She sighed in her heart and suppressed the restlessness. All in all, she would be fine as long as she was with him. No matter what kind of person she was facing, no matter what pressure she was facing, or even what was about to happen, she didn't need to be afraid. So she stopped thinking too much.

After a long time, an old voice finally came from insid


Gilbert still looked at him with difficulty. Then he pointed at Colin and said, "You are not a filial son!" "Still the same!"

These words sounded like he was in anger. Perhaps in the past, Gilbert might have been extremely angry, but now, he was an old man who was about to die, and his aura was not as strong as before. Instead, he was like complaining about his son, without any anger.

"You know clearly whether I have changed or not. Just say it!"

Turning his eyes slowly, Gilbert asked, "Don't you have something to say to me?"

Raising his eyebrows, Colin sneered, "If I tell you the truth, I'm really afraid that you'll be angry and die when you get excited. Then the people outside will jump off their feet. They've worked so hard to invite the lawyer team, but it's useless."

Gilbert rolled his eyes as if he was thinking about something. Unfortunately, his brain was old, and it was difficult for him to think about anything. After a while, he suddenly sighed and said, "You are not a filial son!" Why do you look like me most among all the sons? "Not only do we look like each other, but we also have the same character. What have I done wrong?"

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