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   Chapter 239 (Part One)

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The expression on Colin's face froze in an instant, and then turned cold. He glanced at Melissa and turned to Larry Liu, "What's wrong with him?"

Since Gilbert had a bad relationship with Colin, he seldom talked to him. Even if he really talked to him, he would scold him. When he was a child, he always stayed away from him because he resisted his father's authority. In the end, he didn't even have dinner with him. He even moved out after college.

The four ladies of Gilbert had 7 sons in total. Colin was the youngest and also the one he hated most. What Gilbert loved the most was the eldest son of his second wife, who was very important to him. But today, when Colin looked around, he found that the eldest son of the second wife was not present, and why did Gilbert want to talk with him alone?

"You can tell him that I don't have time. He can arrange it as he likes. There is no need to talk to me. And I don't think he has anything to say to me." Colin refused Larry Liu's request directly.

Then Melissa pulled his hand and said, "Don't do this, Colin. He's your father!"

"Dad?" "Except for this title, I don't think he resembles my father at all. He is even worse than a stranger. The driver at home is closer to me than him." Colin sneered. His father had been indifferent to him since he was a child so that he had little feeling about her father. So he couldn't understand filial piety.

Larry Liu felt ashamed. He had been working for boss for many years, and he knew that Colin was the most troublesome thing for boss. He also knew that Colin hated his father the most, but he was just an errand man to deliver orders. If Colin didn't agree, it would be difficult for him, so he bowed his head and pleaded, "Colin, I'm just a servant. I'll do whatever boss asks me to do. If you have something to say, you'd better go back and tell you

g eyes and guessed what was on Gilbert's mind.

Ignoring those people, Colin walked forward hand in hand with Melissa. Although he didn't show an arrogant posture, his behavior was as arrogant as ever. He ignored everyone's eyes and guesses. He only did his own thing.

Following him, Melissa felt a little uneasy. The members of the Ling group and Colin's father had all become mysterious and unpredictable. She felt that there was a black hole in front of her, and she could not find out the truth. And she had to move forward, no matter how dark and dangerous it was, so she was more nervous. She could only tightly hold Colin's hand, and could only rely on him now.

When Melissa raised her head, she suddenly found that Fannie was standing in the other side of the bamboo forest and looking at them from a distance. Behind her was her personal secretary, Miss Yang. Her silence made Melissa even more terrified.

It was late at night. All the street lamps in the shape of palace lamps in the yard were lit up, but in order to set off the ancient melody, even if all the lights were lit up, the whole yard was still very dim and quiet. The bamboo leaves swayed and made the sound of "whoosh", making the whole yard suddenly quiet.

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