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   Chapter 238 (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-05-11 00:05

Colin's words caused an uproar among the crowd, and they began to discuss again. The youngest uncle, Caleb came up, pointed at Colin and asked, "What do you mean, Colin?"

"Nothing. I'm just telling the truth. Uncle Caleb, all right?" Colin raised his eyebrows and mocked him.

Caleb blamed him, "What not a filial son!" You mentioned the right of inheritance before my brother died. Do you want my brother to die early and take away the Ling family's property? "My brother won't give you the right of inheritance just because of what you did!"

"Why don't you give me the right of inheritance? Will he give it to you?" Did Uncle Caleb forget that I'm the first heir according to the law? "Besides, who wants Gilbert to die early?" Colin glanced at the group of secretaries, subordinates and lawyers around Ling family. He was afraid that there were so many lawyers that they could line up to the gate of the hospital. He sneered, "Look at the group of lawyers you brought. It is said that you has brought the whole team. There are ten people in a team. Do you want to thoroughly study the law in China?" "I don't have a lawyer with me. Who cares about the inheritance right and the property?"

"You……" "You are slandering me!" Caleb became angry from embarrassment and pointed at Colin.

"Slander?" "Do you need me to point out whether those people are Uncle Caleb' lawyers?" Colin glanced at the other people who were about to move, and said slowly, "And you people, you don't have to make fun of each other, because you are not much better!" Your only advantage is that you can pretend to be good in front of my father and fawn on him. I, Colin disdain to do these things. My father hat

er. He had never expected his father's property. What he did much better than theirs.

Perhaps from this day on, she really knew Colin. She thought to herself, and then couldn't help but chuckle. She preferred the real person.

However, not long after they walked, the yard was in a mess. It seemed that Gilbert had woken up. The doctor came out to inform them, and then the members of the Ling family scrambled to see him in mess. Even the team of lawyers were well prepared, waiting for a fierce battle if Gilbert suddenly died and ordered his will.

In the chaos, a man rushed out, chased after Colin and shouted, "Colin, Colin, please hold on!" "Please wait, Colin!"

As Colin walked very fast, he could only stop when he heard the footsteps. When he turned around, he saw the Butler who was closest to Gilbert looking for him.

Colin and Melissa looked at each other, and Melissa was confused. He frowned and asked the Butler, "Larry Liu, what can I do for you?"

It was not easy for Larry Liu to run to them. He took a few breaths and said, "Colin, your father is looking for you!" "He wants to see you alone!"

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