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   Chapter 236 (Part Two)

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"Do you mean to be with me forever? Is that true?" "Anyway, you won't leave me?" Colin asked her with uncertainty.

"Yes, I've made up my mind. I know what I want."

"Even if your parents object us?"


Although Melissa's tone was very calm, she was very determined in her heart. She had thought about it over and over again, and she really wouldn't be separated from Colin. She was confused and at a loss before, but now she realized that she just wanted to be with him. Why did she think about so many things? However, she had to find a proper way to comfort her parents, but anyway, she would not easily agree to break up with Colin. She would make up her mind to be with this man in this life and would not change it easily.

"Alas……" Colin sighed.

"Why do you sigh?" Raising her head, Melissa asked, "Aren't you happy?" She was sensitive to Colin's reaction.

Looking at her, Colin smiled, "How could it be possible? I'm too happy, but it's too late for you to express your love!"

"It's not too late. We still have a chance."

Colin held her tightly again and said nothing. He smiled.

The two arrived at the hospital where Gilbert was. The hospital was also run by the Ling family and was very famous in the city. It had very advanced equipment and invited many experts at home and abroad, so the charge was very high. Only rich people came here to see a doctor, which was known as the noble hospital.

Of course, Gilbert's ward was the most advanced one. There were four VIP gardens in the independent ward area of the hospital, including plum blossoms, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum gardens. Gilbert was in the bamboo garden, which was surrounded by bamboo groves. The summer breeze was particul

meet women. Avril were doomed to suffer losses with him. It seemed that Melissa understood what he meant. How could such a handsome and rich man not indulge in dissipation?

At the same time, the people around began to whisper about the conflict. Melissa even saw some people chuckling. She looked around and found that there were four very important ladies present. In addition to the current legal wife, Fannie, the three former wives of Gilbert also came. They also brought their children. Therefore, the family strife was also reflected. Now they saw Colin and his uncle have a conflict. They chuckled at the conflict. The other clansmen, on the other hand, were watching a good show, and their positions were temporarily unknown.

Fannie began to have a headache. In fact, she had been very unhappy since the moment Melissa appeared, but she could only endure it. Perhaps she didn't want others to laugh at her, so she stood out and scolded, "Enough. Is it time to argue about Avril?" "Are you here to visit your brother or to dwell on the past?" Then she scolded Colin, "Why did you bring this woman here?" "Is she a member of the Ling family?"

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