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   Chapter 235 (Part One)

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Those bodyguards were all dressed in black suits. Although they didn't wear sunglasses, they looked serious and tyrannical. They stood quietly in front of them, staring at them with burning eyes. The leader said, "Colin, madam wants you to go back. Please go back with us first!"

Only then did Melissa know that these bodyguards were sent by Mrs. Fannie. Did Mrs. Fannie not only aim at her, but also at Colin? She even planned to use brute force to deal with Colin?

Melissa glanced at Colin, but Colin just patted her hand to comfort her. Then he turned to those people and said, "I won't go back. You go back and tell her that her means are useless to me." Then he took Melissa's hand and was about to enter the house.

But those bodyguards blocked his way. The man in the lead said seriously, "Colin, your father is seriously ill. It's a very serious matter. It's related to the safety of you and madam. Please go back!"

"What can you do if I don't go back?" Colin answered defiantly.

Only then did Melissa know that Gilbert, Colin's father, was seriously ill. That was to say, everything made sense. No wonder Mrs. Fannie suddenly came to her and forced her to leave Colin. It must be the most critical time to divide up the family property! How could a woman as powerful as Mrs. Fannie see the chance of her hand flying away? Madam wouldn't lose, so she was in a hurry to drive her away so that she could force Colin to get married?

But it was too late even if Colin got married. Colin couldn't have a child with Miss Linn so soon. Then why was Mrs. Fannie so anxious?

The bodyguards' faces turned even colder. The leader said in a deep voice, "Then I have to offend you." "We are only employed by madam, and madam's ord

ar were silent, so were Melissa and Colin. Perhaps Colin didn't like the feeling of being oppressed, so he kept a straight face and looked very cold.

Melissa leaned against him, trying to tolerate and soften him with her own tenderness.

Being held by her for a while, Colin's heart was soft. Seeing her acting like a kitten and leaning against his arms, his anger disappeared. What was he worried about with her around? He looked at her affectionately and said, "Melissa……"

Melissa raised her head and asked, "What?"

Colin held her hand tightly and crossed his ten fingers with hers. He smiled faintly and said, "It's so good to have you!"

With a smile on her face, Melissa leaned back into his arms again, relying on him to give him confidence.

Colin combed her long hair and smiled knowingly, but the next moment, his eyes immediately became melancholy. He looked at the woman in his arms with a complicated, helpless and helpless expression, not knowing what to do. He looked at her quietly for a while, and then called her, "Melissa……"

"What?" This time, Melissa didn't raise her head. She just leaned lazily in his arms and responded.

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