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   Chapter 234 (Part Two)

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Colin turned to look at her, and his eyes suddenly froze and became deep. He looked at her quietly for a long time. Suddenly, he called her name, "Melissa……"


He stroked her hair and said, "You are so beautiful!"

After a short pause, Melissa spat it out and hit him. "Can you stop being so cheesy!" "Do you want me to say that Colin are handsome?"

Colin couldn't help laughing. He reached out and hugged her again, making her lean into his arms. "I'm telling the truth. Now you're slowly occupying my heart. I feel that you're the most beautiful woman in the world." So beautiful…… "I don't want to let you go!" "What should I do?"

"Can you stop being so cheesy? Uncle and aunt are all here!" Leaning against his chest, Melissa complained in a low voice, but she couldn't help smiling sweetly.

After a pause, Melissa continued, "But does it have anything to do with mermaid?"

"It doesn't matter." After a short silence, Colin continued, "I just want to imagine a tragedy story, and then cherish our present very much."

"A tragic story……" Melissa leaned against his chest and her eyes became melancholy.

The tragedy story aroused her heavy heart. Would Mrs. Fannie's pressure and her parents' objection really make her and Colin a tragedy story?

At the thought of this, Melissa's heart ached. She couldn't help but pinch his shirt.

But she didn't want to be a tragedy with him. No matter how much pressure she was facing, she was unwilling to let him go. She loved this man, and perhaps no one else in her life could make her really feel happy except him.

No matter how good Eric was, he was just a good man, not a man who could make her feel happy. No matter how bad Colin was, she was willing to be with him no m

le stomach will have any adverse reaction if you eat too much? "This place is not as clean as you said."

"If I eat it, there will be adverse reactions. Don't you have any problem?"

"Of course not. I've been eating all the time!" "Can you compete with me?" Then Melissa strode forward.

Hearing that, Colin was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, he came to his senses and chased after her with a smile. He held her waist and said, "You're getting naughty now. You're learning to make fun of me!"

He tickled her, and then Melissa screamed and dodged. The two of them played on the beach again. When they really remembered to go back, it was already in the evening.

Today, there were worries and joy. The two of them had something on their minds, but they had a good time. When they went back, Melissa even forgot that Colin had something on his mind.

She went to Colin's house and found that there were seven or eight strong bodyguards waiting for them at the gate of his house. Melissa realized the seriousness of the problem. It turned out that the matter was more serious than she thought. It turned out that the God did not give them time to consider.

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