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   Chapter 232 (Part Two)

One Kiss Less By Little Red Cap Characters: 6693

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"Mrs. Fannie, if you really have the ability, why don't you come to me?" "Are you a person who bullies the weak and fears the strong? Just because I'm a stubborn stone, don't you dare to confront me face to face?" Said Melissa coldly.

However, Mrs. Fannie casually dialed the internal phone and called, "Miss Yang, see the guest out!"

Secretary Yang came in soon and invited Melissa out.

Looking at Mrs. Fannie, Melissa was very angry, but she could only bear it and said to Secretary Yang, "There's no need. I'll go myself!" Then she walked out of Mrs. Fannie's office.

On the way, Melissa was very angry. She really didn't understand why there was such a mother. Mrs. Fannie was so mean to Colin. She never considered his feelings, but only used him as a tool to seize property! Perhaps Colin was not born out of her love for her child, but just used it as a bargaining chip for family property. No wonder Colin didn't like her and even called her name directly. It was hard to imagine what kind of family Colin grew up in. There were so many brothers and sisters in the Ling Group. His father didn't like him, and his mother only used him. He had spent his childhood, youth, and even youth in such an environment. No wonder he was so extreme in love.

All of a sudden, Melissa felt sorry for Colin. She felt sorry for him as he was born in such a family, and at the same time, she felt sorry for Fannie. Such a selfish mother would suffer the pain of family affection in her old age!

However, at the same time, Melissa was also worried about her parents. Mrs. Fannie was not kidding her. She knew that such a woman must do what she said, especially at such a critical moment. Mrs. Fannie would not let her family go.

What should she do to make sure that her family wouldn't be affected by her?

"Colin……" "Colin……" The more Melissa called his name, the more difficult it was for her to continue to fall in love with and be with him. She felt that there was a thread between her and h

u can't hide anything from me. If you have anything to say, just say it!"

Colin turned around and smiled at her. He held her hand and said, "Are you particularly unwilling to get the marriage license today?"

Melissa lowered her head and felt a little ashamed. Something came to her mind again and she didn't know how to answer it. She could only turn her eyes away and stare at a place on the ground, avoiding eye contact with him in silence.

Colin still held her hand tightly and said, "You don't have to be embarrassed. I thought for a while. We……" "Don't get married so soon!"

This time, it was Melissa who was surprised. She looked up at him and saw his unnatural smile. She was more sure that she was uneasy. She put Colin's hands back and said, "If you have anything to say, just tell me!"

Colin pulled her into his arms and put his arms around her waist to make her lean on his shoulder. Then he pointed at the sea and said, "That kind of fishing boat is very interesting. I haven't done that kind of boat before." "Do you want to take a boat? How about we take a boat for a while?"

Leaning against his shoulder, Melissa said worriedly, "Colin, I don't like you to be indecisive. It's not like you at all." "Why do you suddenly say that you don't want to get married? You won't give up because I'm hesitating!"

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