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   Chapter 231 (Part One)

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On the way to the company, Melissa was very quiet. She sat beside Secretary Yang and didn't say a word. In fact, she could guess why Mrs. Fannie wanted to see her. She had been with Colin for a long time, and they had even talked about marriage. It was impossible for Mrs. Fannie not to know anything about it, so it was normal for her to appear this time.

However, to her surprise, Mrs. Fannie appeared in time this time. In fact, Melissa didn't want to marry Colin so soon. Although she had confirmed that she loved him very much and knew that he only loved her now, there were still too many obstacles in front of her. It was not easy to solve them, especially her father's disease.

Colin was an adventurer, but she didn't dare to take the risk.

But it never occurred to Melissa that Mrs. Fannie would come to her. The matter was so serious that it made Mrs. Fannie crazy.

Perhaps she should have noticed it from the very beginning, such as the unusual cold attitude of Miss Yang and the rare bodyguards. She should have sensed that Mrs. Fannie looked for her unusual this time. However, in order to get rid of Colin's pressure to marry, Melissa was too careless. She only wanted to avoid Colin through Mrs. Fannie, but she didn't expect that Mrs. Fannie was a more dangerous person than Colin.

The meeting was not in a restaurant or a tea house, but in Mrs. Fannie's office. When Melissa entered the office, she felt that Mrs. Fannie was very busy. She walked back and forth at the desk with her phone and angrily pointed at the person on the other end of the conversation.

She didn't even pay attention to Miss Yang when she came in. Finally, she shouted on the phone, "If it can't be done, don't come to see me. Just take your package and leave!" After saying that, she threw the phone on the table with her arms crossed, looking very domineering.

It was the first time that Melissa had seen Mrs. Fannie get angry, and judging from her expression, she seemed to be really angry. She was wearing a business suit. She was still in good shape even though she was over 50 years old. Even in the middle age, she was still the most beautiful woman in her age.

Miss Yang said again, "Vice president, Melissa is here."

Hearing that, Mrs. Fannie turned

d at Mrs. Fannie for a while and finally asked, "I want to know why Mrs. Fannie is so desperate to oppose us to be together."

"Because you are not suitable for Colin, because you don't deserve him."

"If Mrs. Fannie still don't like me for the sake of family interests, I won't compromise. True love can't be insulted like this!" "You don't like me, but it also hurts Colin!"

"Insult?" Mrs. Fannie sneered, shook her head and said sarcastically, "Do you still think I'm insulting you when you find that Colin has nothing, is homeless on the street, and is even driven to death by his own brothers and sisters?" If you really love him, you should help him instead of just obstructing his future. Besides…… "What qualifications do you have to deserve him?"

Hearing Mrs. Fannie's disdainful words, Melissa's self-esteem was hurt, but she wouldn't compromise easily. She just said coldly, "What Colin wants is not those things at all. You have never known what your son wants, but only take him as a tool to make money. You are really a selfish mother!"

Mrs. Fannie didn't get angry because of what Melissa said. Instead, she seemed to see a childish child and said, "I don't want to talk nonsense with you. Anyway, you have to leave even if you don't want to. If you are really sensible, just stay away from my son Colin. I will give you a sum of money to let you leave." But if you don't listen to me, I have a way to deal with you…… You have nothing but love! ""Don't blame me for not reminding you!"

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