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   Chapter 230

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When Melissa turned around, she saw Anna coming over with a smile. She was dressed neatly. She was wearing a T-shirt, jeans, short hair just for a hairstyle, a bag on her back, and sunglasses. Obviously, she had just come to the company.

Seeing Anna call her so warmly, Melissa was surprised and felt uncomfortable. But thinking of what she had said to Anna before, it was obvious that Anna had thought it through. It seemed that Anna was not stupid and hopeless, nor was she just on impulse. She must have thought about the powerful relationship between them, so she gave up the previous hatred to show her kindness.

Since Anna had shown her kindness, of course, Melissa wouldn't refuse. Anyway, it was good for her, so she turned around and waited for her. She smiled and greeted, "Hi, Anna, good morning!" "Did you just come to the company?"

Anna still walked up with a smile. She pulled the casual backpack on her shoulder, took off her sunglasses and said, "Yes, I didn't expect you to come so early. Is it the first time that you have come to the company so early?"

Melissa nodded and looked at Anna carefully. She really felt that Anna was different. At this time, she suddenly felt that Anna was actually very beautiful. Sure enough, a kind girl was the most beautiful. So Melissa reached out her hand and said, "Anna, nice to meet you again!" "Let's have a good time in the future!"

Anna also smiled and held her hand. "Have a good time. I did a lot of wrong things in the past. Please forgive me!"

"It seems that I have to call you sister Anna."

"So I would take advantage of you?"

The two laughed and went back to their office together. On the way back, Anna noticed the shining diamond ring on Melissa's finger. She was surprised and almost screamed, "Wow, what a big diamond ring! Who gave it to you? Is it from your boyfriend?" "Are you going to get married?"

Embarrassed, Melissa hid it and said, "No……" "Anyway, it's just for fun."

"For fun?" "What a big diamond. The diamond ring was worth millions of dollars. Could it be worn for fun?" "Is it from Mr. Colin?" "Did he propose to you?" Anna teased Melissa.

Then Melissa took off the ring and put it into her bag. With a smile on her face, she said, "Anyway, don't ask anymore."

At the mention of this, she sighed and thought that Colin was too hasty to get married. Moreover, their current situation didn't seem to be good. First of all, it would definitely affect her work. She was still young and she was only 26 years old, and she was just starting in acting career. If she got married, or even pregnant, it would definitely have a great impact on her career. But before she could fulfill her wish, Melissa was not willing to go back to get along well with her husband and children. Besides, it seemed that her parents and Colin's current situation in the Ling family didn't allow them to get married. All in all, it was difficult.

The consequences of marriage might make her parents nod, but could her parents rule out all pressure by nodding? For example, the Ling family, such as Mrs. Fannie, was really difficult to deal with.

Thinking of this, Melissa suddenly realized that she shouldn't have gotten married. She should have take

n others together, especially for people like Zack.

It was only ten o'clock in the morning when Melissa left the company. In fact, she didn't have much work to do today. As soon as director Li's play was over, she basically had two weeks off. The recent play was directed by director Billy, but because the setting and other work needed to take time, the shooting could not start until next Monday. The remaining urban plays and Republic of China plays were still being planned, and they were kept till two weeks later.

After thinking for a while, Melissa decided to meet her father.

Now she was under a lot of pressure to see her family in the hospital. She even felt heavy when she thought of going to the hospital. Her parents gave her too many requirements that she didn't know how to deal with them. Melissa could even think of what they would say when they went to the hospital, and they would definitely ask about Colin again. Should she tell them the truth that she and Colin were going to get married? What if she and Colin really got the marriage certificate?

With a heavy heart, Melissa walked on the street and wanted to take a taxi to the hospital. She wore sunglasses and kept a low profile, so she wouldn't be recognized. However, when she hailed a taxi, she couldn't hail it. Instead, a black car stopped in front of her. The window was rolled down, revealing the cold face of Mrs. Fannie's personal secretary, Miss Yang. She said coldly, "Melissa, please get in the car. Madam wants to see you!"

Melissa's hand froze in midair and slowly came down. She didn't expect that she would stop Miss Yang's car. Or did she say that Miss Yang had been well prepared to follow her?

"I……" Just as Melissa was about to refuse.

All of a sudden, Secretary Yang opened the door and got out of the car. Two burly men as bodyguards followed her out. They walked up and surrounded Melissa, as if they would force her to get in the car if she didn't go. Anyway, their attitude was very tough.

Secretary Yang said coldly, "Melissa, please get in the car!"

Melissa lowered her head in silence. What else could she say in such a situation?

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