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   Chapter 229 (Part Two)

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"Hush……" Colin stopped her with his index finger on her mouth and told her to keep silent. He said in a low voice, "It's not that we can't break through. Your parents didn't agree to be with me because they thought I was unreliable." Because what I did to you before made them very angry, so they held a grudge and refused to be with us. I'm very guilty about this. But now I'm not the same as before. I'm different. You can feel that I love you. I'm willing to treat you well and cherish you. Even if Ling family is complicated, I will protect you and won't let you hurt. So the problem your parents worry about doesn't exist at all. I will make you happy! "Unfortunately, they don't believe me, so we have to prove to them that their worries are unnecessary. When they see that we are happy, they will naturally accept us. No parents will separate their daughter's happy family."

"Then what should we do?" Asked Melissa.

But Colin didn't say anything. He suddenly lowered his head and kissed her.

He was very enthusiastic. As soon as he touched her, it burned like a fire and quickly spread all over his body, bringing up his emotions.

"Colin……" "Hmm……" When Melissa was about to say something, he pressed her on the bed and began to kiss her.

Melissa wanted to struggle, but was stopped by him.

After kissing for a while, Colin released her, out of breath. He stared at her with dark eyes and said, "You are still so charming. No man can resist your charm, especially me……" He lowered his head and kissed her again.

Although Melissa was obsessed with him, she was a little rational. She dodged him and said, "Colin, I'm not in the safe period today. You should stop today."

However, a mysterious smile appeared on the corner of Colin's mouth.

Melissa stared at him and said, "Y

the company today, and if she didn't come, the consequences would be very serious. Of course, Colin didn't believe it. Later, Melissa told him that she would find a chance to make a marriage certificate with him this afternoon. He reluctantly agreed. Anyway, she couldn't escape, so he sent her to the company.

After getting out of the car, the ring on her finger was too eye-catching, so she could only enter the company secretly.

In fact, she was forced to marry now. She was still very terrified of the future, with too much uneasiness and uncertainty. But she thought that if she didn't marry Colin, she would never be able to be with him for the rest of her life. She was also very painful. Moreover, after all kinds of persuasion and brainwashing by Colin, her mind was in a mess. She felt that if she really wanted to be with him, it was impossible to persuade her parents until they could get married, so she acquiesced in his proposal half in agreement and half in resistance.

Covering the ring, Melissa walked into the company with a heavy heart. Before she arrived at the special office, she was stopped by someone behind her. "Hi, Melissa, you come to the company so early today?"

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