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   Chapter 226 I am Tired (Part One)

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Melissa stayed with her father in the hospital for a long time and didn't leave until her father's condition stabilized.

Melissa washed her face in the bathroom and removed all the makeup that she wore last night. After crying all night, her face was blurred, her eyes were red and swollen, and her face was very haggard. Looking at the woman in the mirror, although she was wearing an evening dress, she didn't look like a star at all? Melissa was so ugly that she could not let anyone see her like this.

She quickly washed her face and wiped off the cosmetics with a tissue. If she couldn't wipe them off, she would use the cosmetics to make up. Then she went out with a light makeup.

Melissa's grandparents had been urged by her and her mother to go back to have a rest at dawn. Her mother had to stay and stay with her father, so she had to leave alone. When Melissa walked out of the hospital, she felt dizzy, and her feet were light. She didn't look good. Perhaps it was because she cried for too long last night, and her mother and grandparents talked too much to her that she was in a mess and didn't know what to do.

But after all, Melissa had promised her mother and father not to contact Colin anymore... Thinking of this, Melissa was sad, so when she walked out of the hospital, she didn't pay attention to the sound of the car on the road until Colin drove over and called her, "Melissa!" Only then did Melissa cheer up. She turned around and saw that Colin stopped the car next to her, looking at her coldly.

Colin was not in a good mental condition either. His chin and beard were pale cyan, and although his eyes were bright, there were light red blood streaks in them. He seemed to be very tired. Last night, he came back in a hurry by plane. He had been on the plane for several hours and waited for Melissa in the hospital the whole night. She guessed that he might not be in a

cried for a long time, she could do nothing about it.

The more Melissa thought about it, the more she couldn't eat. She hadn't eaten anything from last night to this morning, but she didn't feel hungry at all. Her body was filled with sadness, anxiety and struggle, and she was not in the mood to think about eating at all.

Therefore, after taking a few bites of the quicksand bag and two mouthfuls of porridge, she put down the spoon and waited for Colin to come out. However, Colin was like frozen in the bathroom and didn't come out.

Then Melissa went to him and asked, "Colin, is the water ready?" She saw him standing there quietly and watching the water fill the bathtub.

Colin didn't turn around. He still looked at the water, and said, "You go to prepare your pajamas first."

Melissa had to go back to her bedroom. In fact, she had felt that there was something wrong with Colin just now. Perhaps that was why he stopped her from talking this morning. She wanted to find a quiet place to have a discussion, but he refused and took her home. She wanted to mention it to him when she had breakfast, but he turned to run water for her to take a shower. Obviously, Colin was avoiding her, so he should have guessed that she had something to say to him.

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