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   Chapter 224 (Part One)

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Seeing that they were at a stalemate, Grandpa walked out and said, "Mr. Ling, maybe you are right, but our family also has our stand, and it is unshakable. There is no need for us to argue on this matter. Please leave!" "Now Melissa's father is sick. If he wakes up and sees you here, it will be more difficult to explain, and I'm afraid that it will cause greater trouble."

Grandma also walked up and said, "Yes, Mr. Ling, please go back first!"

"I think there must be a big misunderstanding between us. Melissa and I……" Colin tried to defend himself.

But Jenny immediately said firmly, "There's no need to explain. We won't agree you to be with Melissa. So, both you and Melissa, you'd better give up!"

Jenny raised her head and said to Colin coldly, "Mr. Ling, if you really love our daughter, please let her go as soon as possible, because you won't be happy together!" "It's only a good choice for Melissa to find a simple man who is good to her. They will live a happy life for the rest of her life. Because of our family style, Melissa is simple and she is not suitable to play tricks. As for your Ling family, it's too complicated. If she marries you, she will be tired of dealing with it sooner or later. She won't be happy for a long time!"

"Aunt Jenny, do you think I'm not capable of protecting Melissa?" "I swear to you solemnly that I love Melissa and I will protect her for the rest of my life. Besides, I have already moved out of the Ling family, and we will live in our own small home after we get married. It won't affect us!" Colin said seriously.

"That's even more inappropriate. Our Shen family pays attention to kindness, filial piety and family harmony. If you can't get along well with your parents, will your children learn such things as kindness, kindness and filial piety in the future?" Mr. Ling, you and Melissa are really not the right person for each other. In terms of family, personality and other aspects, not to mention that you have a fiancée from a family of equal status. Please let go of Melissa as soon as possible!

now!" Please! "You can leave now!"

"Melissa……" Colin called her name sadly.

"Go away!" Melissa cried and shouted again, trying her best to drive him away.

Colin looked at her, heartbroken and disappointed! But he didn't want to give up. He clenched his fists, gritted his teeth to suppress his anger and chill, and said gently to her, "Okay, I'll leave first, but I'll wait for you at the gate of the hospital!" "We can leave together as soon as you come out."

Tears streamed down her face as Melissa shook her head. He didn't know if she agreed or resisted. In a word, she just shook her head silently and said in a low voice, "You can leave now!"

Colin bit his thin lips and clenched his fists more tightly. But in the end, he turned around and strode away.

Looking at his receding figure, Melissa knew that it really hurt his heart this time, but she had no choice. She had to do so. On the one hand, what she did was for her parents, and on the other hand, the person she loved. No matter what choice she made, it was painful. But in the end, she had to choose her parents first. She couldn't leave her family behind because they had raised her for more than twenty years. How could she selfishly abandon her father? If anything happened to her father, she would never forgive herself all her life.

In silence, Melissa said to herself, "I'm sorry, Colin!"

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