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   Chapter 223 (Part Two)

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Jenny's tone was very cold, and her face was as cold as ice. Looking at her, Melissa couldn't believe that this was her mother. Her mother, who had taught her and been kind to her since she was a child, would one day be so cold to her, as if she was treating an enemy.

In pain, Melissa said, "Mom……"

"Don't call me mom. If you don't agree, I won't recognize you as my daughter. I don't have a daughter like you!" Don't forget that you pissed your father off. He is now lying in the operating room. What if he passes the risk tonight? Have you ever thought about the consequences? How can you treat your father like this? How can you fail your mother's teachings for so many years? Are you the daughter of Jenny and Paul? "How could we have a daughter like you? Why did you piss your father off for a man?"

"Mom, stop it……" Tears welled up in Melissa's eyes. She wanted to grab her hand, but Jenny shook it off and said, "If you don't promise me, I won't see you again!" "I won't see you even if I die!"

Melissa shook her head painfully and looked back at her grandparents, hoping they could help her. But both of them turned their heads at the same time, indicating that they could not help her.

Knowing that her grandparents couldn't help her this time, Melissa turned around and continued to beg her mother Jenny, "Mom, let me explain……"

"I don't need your explanation!" Jenny refused coldly.

At this time, Colin also came. He shouted from a distance in the corridor, "Melissa……" "Melissa……"

The bright light in the corridor lit up his tall figure and the face that could almost become a nightmare for everyone. Everyone was stunned. Especially Melissa, when she looked at him blankly, she regretted calling him here at that moment. What a stupid decision!

Colin ran over, grabbed her arm and asked with concern, "How's it going, Melissa? How's uncle Shen?"


ral integrity is the foundation of our lives!"

Colin couldn't say anything and just looked at Melissa's mother in confusion.

With tears streaming down her face, Melissa cried hysterically, "I beg you. Please stop talking. It's all my fault. I know I'm wrong!" "Please stop arguing!"

Seeing that she was so painful, Colin pulled her into his arms and said, "Melissa……" When he was about to comfort her, Melissa pushed him away and said painfully.

Feeling heartbroken, Colin said to Melissa's mother Jenny excitedly, "I love her, and she loves me too. Why we can't come together!" Even if I did something wrong in the past, I have already regretted it. Can you still not agree that I can give her happiness? What was more important than making your daughter happy? "As Melissa's mother, don't you really want her to be happy?"

"What kind of happiness can you give her?" Was she really happy now? "Isn't she in pain all the time, just like now?"

"The pain is caused by you!" "As a mother, why can't Aunt Shen be more tolerant to Melissa? Why you are so harsh to her!"

"Do you really want her to piss her father off and including me?" Melissa's mother Jenny patted her chest and asked painfully. She was also so excited that tears fell down.

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