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   Chapter 222 (Part One)

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Melissa was still listening. However, no one answered the phone. On the contrary, there were messy footsteps, the sound of pushing the shelf, and even someone shouting, "Hurry up!" She vaguely heard her grandmother's crying.

Melissa felt worried. With a frown, she asked, "Mom, what's up?"

After a few seconds, the phone finally responded. It was her mother's anxious voice. "Melissa, where are you now?" "Come to the hospital now. Your father is seriously ill and needs an operation right away. I'm afraid that if you don't come, you will……" Jenny suddenly burst into tears when she was speaking. Melissa heard that voice and thought that Jenny covered her mouth to prevent herself from crying and said, "Come here quickly!"

Hearing that, Melissa became more flustered. She finally knew what she was afraid of. Her hand trembled more violently. She grabbed the phone tightly and asked, "Mom, mom, what's going on now? How is Dad now?"

Jenny couldn't help crying and said in a choked voice, "Anyway, come here quickly!" Then she hung up the phone.

The moment she hung up the phone, Melissa clearly heard her grandmother crying, "Where is Melissa?" "Call Melissa come over. Don't you want to see her even if you are going to die?"

It was a taboo for Melissa to hear the word "death", especially used for her father. Was his condition so serious that he couldn't hold on? She was in a panic and shouted, "Dad --" regardless of the bags on the ground, she directly ran to the street to find a taxi.

Unfortunately, there was no car in the middle of the night. Even if there was a car, it was also a private car. In a panic, she stopped the car. It took her a long time to wait for a car. She quickly got on the car and let the driver rush to the hospital.

The place she lived was far away from the hospital. Along the way, Melissa's hands kept shaking, and she couldn't suppress her inner fluctuation. She knew that her father was seriously

me time, "Melissa!"

After taking a look at them, Melissa held her mother's hand and asked, "Mom, how is dad?"

Jenny cried and said, "I don't know. I'm in a mess now. I don't know what will happen to him." Then she burst into tears.

Later, her grandfather told the situation to Melissa, which meant that Paul's mood fluctuated these days, and he even lost his temper several times. Paul had been in the army for many years and had wounds all over his body. When he was framed to fall off the office, he was so angry that he had a heart attack. All the diseases attacked together. In addition, he had been depressed all these years and had a grudge against that matter, so his condition did not get better. Recently, he was very unhappy about the things happened between Melissa, Colin and Miss Linn. He was so angry when he heard a rumor.

He had been ill for a long time, and there would always be a time when he would lose his temper. Besides, this time, he was pissed off by Melissa.

Jenny took Melissa's hand and said, "I don't care what you and Colin are doing outside, but from now on, you have to break up with him. Especially when your father wakes up, you have to promise him that you won't get involved in the Ling family's affairs from now on and don't take away Linn's fiancé!"

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