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   Chapter 221 We Are Friends Now (Part Two)

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However, no matter how much Melissa wanted to take the mediocre path this time, she finally alerted the whole audience. Because Eric called her on the way. "Excuse me, Miss Melissa, do you have any male guests to be with you tonight?"

"Not yet." Answered Melissa. Generally speaking, when they walked on the red carpet, many male and female stars would cooperate and enter the venue hand in hand. This was a kind of etiquette, and also a commercial publicity.

"Then can I invite Miss Melissa to come in with me as my female guest?"

"Are you kidding me? The actresses who want to be your female guest might line up to the suburb? " Melissa was surprised. It was because Eric suddenly invited her to come in with him. At that time, it was estimated that the whole audience would focus on them. Regardless of the charm of Eric, it was not difficult for them not to attract attention because they had a lot of topics recently.

"I'm not kidding. Since we're friends, it's necessary to make it public in front of the media. Tonight is a good opportunity, or our future contact will only lead to more gossip."

After thinking for a while, Melissa thought what Eric said was right. Sooner or later, the media would know about it. In order to prevent them from talking nonsense on the newspaper, it was better to make it public first, so that they could contact each other openly in the future. So Melissa agreed, "Well, I'll wait for you at XXX Hotel near the hall. We'll go there together."

After hanging up the phone, Melissa took a deep breath. It seemed that there would be a big news tonight. But no matter what others said or suspected, she admired Eric's tolerance. According to the media, after the breakup, Melissa should be a very bad woman for Eric. He could have put on a long face to face her, but he didn't. He had always been a gentleman. Not only did he call on his fans not to be against her on the press conference, but a month later, he could shake hands with her kindly, and was about to be in the media to show that the two of them reconciled and became good friends.

Eric always defended her, even though she had done so many wrong things and caused so much harm to him, he never blamed her. Instead, he silently endured the pain, and then showed a friendly smile to her.

"Well, good man!" Melissa sighed.

Fanny asked, "What are you talking about, Melissa?"

Then Melissa asked Fanny, "Do you think

the opportunity to tease her, "You have a guilty conscience. It's rare that you take the initiative to cook for me."

"But I'm telling you, I only know the bottom and fried eggs with tomato. Do you want to eat them? If you don't want to eat, I'll take you to the stall on the night street and the sidewalk snack booth! "

"Why don't I eat? I'll eat whatever you cook, even if it's burnt to ashes!"

"That's what you said. Don't regret it then!" Then Melissa hung up the phone, but she was secretly pleased. In fact, she didn't only know how to make the noodle and fried eggs with tomatoes. She knew some simple cooking skills, but she said so in order to give a surprise to Colin.

So when the car arrived at the supermarket near the community, Melissa asked the driver to stop the car. She wore an evening dress with a coat covering her shoulders. She went to the supermarket to buy something, and then went home to prepare. This time, she wanted to give a surprise to Colin!

But at this time, her phone rang. She thought it was from Colin, and murmured, "Is he so soon?" She took out her phone and was about to answer it enthusiastically, but when she saw the caller ID, it was her mother.

Melissa's hand trembled subconsciously. When she saw her mother's note name, all her good mood disappeared in an instant. The rest was only nervousness, guilt, and uneasiness. Besides, it was over twelve o'clock at midnight. Why did her mother call?

After staring at her phone for a while, Melissa finally put all the things on the ground and answered the phone attentively. "Hello, mom, I'm Melissa. What's up?"

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