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   Chapter 216 The Representative Work (Part Two)

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The play was simple and passed smoothly. When the staff moved, Eric also walked around, and the onlookers seemed to have found him. Eric wore a suit and a new hairstyle, and the audience still treated him as a staff in the night. This time, when he came out, they recognized that it was Eric. They could not help screaming and excited, shouting his name. Eric had a lot of fans, and wherever he went, there were people who were excited about him, and his sharp edge immediately surpassed other big shots in the crew.

Eric was very calm this time. He just raised his hand to greet the audience and politely smiled at them. Then he walked into the inn while talking with director Li. The inn was so small that the staff could only seal off the opening. It was quiet inside since the audience couldn't come in.

After shooting a few more scenes, the director finally shouted, "Cut!" Let everyone have a half-time break.

Sweat trickled down her face. Melissa had just filmed a few scenes of martial arts. Although there was a substitute, she was still swinging by the wire and it was very tired to fight with others like this.

The director asked Melissa to go back to have a rest and fix her makeup. Then, she called her assistant Fanny out. But when she arrived at the gate of the film set, Melissa stopped again and looked back at the whole crew.

Fanny asked, "Melissa, what's wrong? Is there anything missing? I'll go and find it!"

Then Melissa shook her head and said, "Nothing. Let's go!"

She didn't miss anything, but wanted to see where Eric was. She was hung up and down by the wire when filming just now, so she was dazzled that she couldn't notice Eric at all. When she finished this scene, Melissa found that he seemed to be missing, so she just wanted to look for him. But she just glanced at him and found that he was really missing. Maybe he had left. He couldn't have stayed in the crew for so long.

Melissa sighed. She didn't know what she was expecting and what she was upset about! But it was not a bad thing. This was the best ending.

After entering the lounge, Melissa dragged the coat of her costume. She only wore the underwear to cool herself down with the electric fan. Fanny took a tissue to wipe the sweat on her face. Melissa took off her cloth and socks and found that her foot was bleeding.

Fanny screamed, "Ah, Melissa, your wound is bleeding again! What should we do? " As Fanny spoke, she r

you in the same way. As long as they keep telling others about you role, your acting skill will come out. Even if there are people who don't agree with you, they dare not refute in front of such a strong voice. Therefore, representative work is equal to everything. They have the right to blame me, but I have no right to refute them! "

Fanny was shocked by what Melissa said. She was stunned for a long time and couldn't make a sound. After a long time, she said, "Melissa, you don't have to give in to them like this. I really think you are better than them. At least, your attitude is one hundred times more serious than them. I believe that you will have your own representative work as long as you are given a period of time!"

However, Melissa felt very sad. What was sad was not only Fanny's words, but also Melissa's mentality. It meant that sometimes the representative depended on luck. Without a good script, no suitable role, or even no good director, it was difficult to produce the representative work. It was useless for her to work harder. If she didn't meet the opportunity, she might be laughed at all her life. So she just said lightly, "Let's talk about it after I have the representative work!"

After saying that, Melissa went downstairs without paying attention to Fanny's words. However, she didn't notice that there was a step beneath her feet. As a result, her foot hurt and she almost fell down.

Amidst Fanny's exclamation, Melissa threw herself into a man's arms. The man held her up slowly. Raising her head, Melissa suddenly met Eric's face. She was stunned and didn't know what to say.

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