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   Chapter 215 The Representative Work (Part One)

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Melissa didn't know why Eric came to the crew. When she was fixing her make-up in the dressing room, she heard two staff discussing:

A: Well, have you seen that Eric is in the crew? "

B: Yes, I saw him. He was talking with the director in the lounge. I don't know why he came. Besides, he is a famous man. If he wants to contact with others, he will be followed by a group of people, including his agent, assistant and bodyguards. But today, it's him who comes alone. "

A: Yes, and his dressing is very strange. He is in a suit and his hair has been cut. He has become more neat and tidy without the exaggeration and makeup in the entertainment circle. I don't know why he suddenly changed. "

Party A and Party B couldn't figure it out. Party C walked over and asked, "Hey, are you talking about Eric?"

A: Yes. I was surprised to see him just now. Have you heard any news? "

After thinking for a while, C suddenly asked, "Did Eric terminate the contract with Hua Company?"

B: "There is no exact information, but it is said that the contract has been terminated. Even if he didn't terminate the contract, he couldn't cooperate with Hua Company. The two sides didn't think it was a good idea to continue to cooperate since they had a huge fight with each other. Besides, I heard that Eric wanted to terminate the contract with Hua Company a long time ago. This time, he has made up his mind to terminate the contract. So no matter whether Hua Company agrees or not, he has to leave and at most pay a huge amount of termination fee. "

C: "There's no need to pay a huge sum of money, because I heard that Eric's contract also expired in July. I don't know if he has signed the contract extension before, but it seems that he won't sign it. Then what I heard is true!"

Party A and Party B asked at the same time, "What news?"

C pretended to be arrogant and said, "You know my sister works in Hua Company, right? I heard from my sister that Eric was planning to be the one behind the curtain. I heard that he was preparing for his company recently. "

A: "What? He is still so young.

eelings were complex. Although she felt that Eric had lied to her, he didn't harm her. Besides, it was a good thing to see him cheer up. Didn't she always hope that he could cheer up? It could be seen from this matter that Eric was not stupid at least. He was a businessman with wisdom and courage, so she should rest assured for him.

After fixing her make-up, Melissa went out to work. It was already dark in the evening, and the lights were turned on everywhere on the film set. This time, she was taking a walk with the hero on the street, discussing while looking for the heroine. Now in the martial arts crew, as long as there was no scenes of fighting, it was easy for her. She just carried a sword and strolled around with the hero.

Since they were on the street and there were many tourists in cinema city, their crew was also surrounded.

When Melissa was shooting, she found that Eric was standing next to director Li and looking at her quietly. He looked very concentrated and calm, as if he had become quiet after the storm.

In fact, it had only been two or three weeks since Melissa and Eric separated, but Eric seemed to have changed into another person, more mature and calm.

He gave Melissa an encouraging smile when he saw her look at him.

On the contrary, Melissa didn't have the heart to look into his eyes. She hurriedly lowered her head and continued to work hard.

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